Occupancy sampling, modelling and estimation: what, why and how?

Varun Goswami   Devcharan Jathanna   Divya Vasudev   Advanced • occupancy, distribution, habitat use, detectability, presence • 25 Seats • Long • Starts at 09:00 - 16:30 on DAY 3

This workshop will introduce students to an approach that is the current state of the art with respect to understanding species distribution patterns and dynamics, while recognising that species are not always detected even when present. The occupancy approach, although widely used, is sometimes poorly or wrongly applied––such as when there is a mismatch between the question and the spatial scale, or between the ecological/sampling situation and the model(s) used for inference. In this workshop, we will train students to use the occupancy approach correctly and for appropriate sampling scenarios. In the process, we will cover the importance of occupancy modelling and its underlying conceptual basis, how the occupancy framework can be applied to collect and analyse field data, and end with the many flavours and extensions that lend strength to this powerful modelling technique.