Field experiments: a tool in plant ecology research

Priyanka Runwal   Joyshree Chanam   Basic • plant ecology, field experiments, study design • 20 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 - 16:30 on DAY 4

Well laid out field experiments can lead to strong and causal inferences in plant ecology. However plant ecology research, at least in India, is biased towards observational studies to some extent. Perhaps this skew is largely due to limited awareness and exposure to the strength and feasibility of using field experiments to address ecological questions.
In this workshop we will explore the pros and cons of observational and experimental approaches to address questions in plant ecology and discuss situations where each approach is suitable. We will also introduce participants to diverse study designs when planning field experiments. Further, we will use case studies of field experiments to demonstrate the strengths of this approach. This will be supplemented with examples of how some simple methods and materials can be / have been used creatively in the field.