Effectively managing and working with people

Vena Kapoor   Basic • People management, team management, motivation, dealing with conflict at work • 20 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 - 16:30 on DAY 1

Whether you are a researcher in a conservation organisation, or run your own project you will need work in close partnership with a peer group or lead a team of people. Working and managing people are often learned through experience (sometimes leading to costly mistakes) and through trust and common sense. But it also helps to know about some of the common issues and problems that arise while working with or leading teams and learn how to effectively deal with them.
The workshop through case studies and role playing exercises will also introduce and discuss concepts like:
➢ Motivation: how do I keep my colleagues charged up and focused?
➢ Teamwork and behaviour: what conditions are necessary for teams to work effectively? What should be my role as a team member or a leader?
➢ Conflict: how can I minimise and deal with conflict in my team?