Student Conference on Conservation Science – Bengaluru-2013 student Talks

Leading Indicators Of Grassland To Woodland Transitions In A Savanna Ecosystem
Presented by Amit Agrawal

Tracing The History Of Climatic And Anthropogenic Influence On The Banni Grassland, Kachchh, Gujarat A Multi Proxy Approach.
Presented by Anusree A.S.

Assessing Landscape Scale Determinants Of Dhole Cuon Alpinus Occurrence In The Western Ghats Of Karnataka, India
Presented by Arjun Srivathsa

Exchange Of Pests And Pathogens Associated With A Native And An Invasive Legume Tree In The Cape Floristic Region, South Africa.
Presented by Dewidine Van Der Colff

Predicting Shifts In Bioclimatic Envelopes Of Indian Biomes For 2050 And 2080 Under A2 And B2 A Climate Scenarios
Presented by Dina Rasquinha

Show Me The Money: Understanding Online Donations For Biodiversity Conservation
Presented by Diogo Verissimo Diogo Verissimo

Foraging Ecology Of Hipposideros Aff. Ruber In An Agricultural Landscape In Ghana, West Africa
Presented by Evans Nkrumah

Mesocarnivore “Release”: An Opportunity For Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring Or A Biologist’s Fantasy?
Presented by Herman Njoroge

Chytrid Fungal Disease Of Amphibians: A New Fuel To The Fire Of Indian Amphibian Conservation?
Presented by Keerthi Krutha

Tiger Connectivity In Peninsular India.
Presented by Meghana Natesh

Assessing Forest Degradation In Tropical Deciduous Forests In Central India 
Presented by Meghna Agarwala

Choose The Threat Or Play It Safe? Planning For Resilient Marine Protected Areas In The Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion
Presented by Pei Ya Boon

Exploring The Effects Of Patchiness And Fragmentation: Genetic Connectivity Of A Sky Island Bird In The Western Ghats
Presented by Pooja Gupta

Effect Of Ageratina Riparia On The Regeneration Of Montane Forest Species In The Knuckles Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka
Presented by Prabha Rupasinghe

Behavior And Vertical Space Use In Javan Lorises (Nycticebus Javanicus) In Talun Plantation, Garut, Java.
Presented by Prescillia Putri

Impact Of Urbanisation On Green Spaces, Corridors And Change In Bird Diversity Of Pune
Presented by Shivam Trivedi

Elephant Railways Conflict In Northern West Bengal
Presented by Shreya Dasgupta

Facilitative Effects Of A Dwarf Shrub Increases Diversity Of An Alpine Rangeland
Presented by Siddharth Iyengar

Atmospheric Nitrogen And Phosphorus Deposition Reduces Tropical Dry Forest Tree Seed Germination
Presented by Varun Varma

Effect Of Herbivory On The Interaction Of Grasses And Their Multiple Fungal Mutualists In A High Altitude Trans Himalayan Rangeland
Presented by Yadugiri V T