2014-Students Posters

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Student Posters-2014

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Diversity Of Aquatic And Semi Aquatic Heteroptera (Insecta: Hemiptera) Of The Four Lotic Systems Of Cachar District Of Assam, India.
Presented by Anupama Saha

Why The Range Of The Sahara’s Large Mammals Is Regressed?
Presented by Abdullah Said

Study Of Change Detection Of Mangroves Along Mundra Coast Of Gujarat Using Remote Sensing And Geoinformatics
Presented by Abhinav Mehta

Diversity, Habitat Preference And Phenology Of Odonata Community In Talangama Environmental Protection Area, Sri Lanka (Work In Progress)
Presented by Amila Prasanna Sumanapala

Climate And Occurrence Of Small Felids: Three Species, Three Different Responses
Presented by André Silva

Restoration Of Degraded Sites: Use Of Vegetative Propagation To Raise Nurseries Of Two Native Tree Species
Presented by Anjalee Weerakoon

Cameratrap Survey Of Amur Leopard In The National Park “Land Of The Leopard” (Russia, Far East)
Presented by Anna Vitkalova

A Comparative Study On Aquatic Insect Diversity Of Two Ponds Of Cachar District, Assam And The Role Of Ponds In Biodiversity Conservation
Presented by Arpita Dalal

Habitat Use Of Dung Beetles In Village Ecosystem Of North Kerala
Presented by Asha G

Towards Fishing Cat Conservation In Hill Country Sri Lanka
Presented by Ashan Thudugala

Conservation Of Otter Habitats In Goa
Presented by Atul Sinai Borker

Native Ornamental Fishes And Trade: Possibility For Socio Economic Upliftment For Local Fishermen Of Barak Valley, Assam
Presented by Banasree Sharma

An Inventory Of Spiders & Microhabitat Utilization In Nilachal Hill, Guwahati Metro, Assam, India
Presented by Bibekananda Kakoti

Population Status Of Macaca Munzala In The Nymjangchu Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India: With Special Reference To Human Macaque Conflict
Presented by Bidyut Sarania

Aquatic Insect Inventory Of A Stream Of Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, Btc Area, Western Assam, India A Seasonal Study.
Presented by Bijita Barman

Status, Distribution And Habitat Analysis Of Tokay Gecko (Gekko Gecko) In Assam University And Its Adjoining Villages
Presented by Biswajit Singh

Importance Of Mid Country Wet Zone Scattered Forest Areas In Sri Lanka On Behalf Of Winter Migratory Avifauna.
Presented by Buddhika Weerakoon

Local And Landscape Level Conservation Challenges To Tiger Population In Manas Tiger Reserve, India
Presented by Dipankar Lahkar

Factors Affecting The Distribution Of The Ganges River Dolphin In Karnali River Of Nepal And India
Presented by Gopal Khanal

Effect Of Selective Harvest On Micro Habitat Shift Of An Endemic And Endangered Plant In Arid Tropical Forest
Presented by Harisha Puttahariyappa

Post Release Monitoring Of Translocated Eastern Hoolock Gibbons In Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh: A Preliminary Study
Presented by Himani Nautiyal

Spatial dynamics of macrophytes and associated macrofauna in Pambala – Chillaw Lagoon, Sri Lanka
Presented by Iranga Liyanage

Geography Is The Problem: On The Relevance Of Local Case Studies To Global Change And Conservation Science
Presented by Jared Margulies

Distribution Of A Caenophidian Snake, Xylophis Captaini (Gower & Winkler, 2007) In The Western Ghats, India.
Presented by Jins V J

Behavioral Ecology And Threats Of Golden Langurs In Fragmented Habitats Of Assam, India
Presented by Joydeep Shil

Gender, Work And Livelihoods. A Study Of Buksa Adivasi In The Indian Terai
Presented by Karishma Sharma

Phylogenetic Position And Origin Of The Capped Golden Langur Lineage
Presented by Kunal Arekar

Conservation Of Critically Endangered Vulture Species Through Creation Of Vulture Safe Zone In Upper Assam
Presented by Mayur Bawri

Exploring Inclusive Ecological Restoration: A Case Study In Mining Restoration At Bolani, Odisha
Presented by Meenakshi Singh

Altitudinal Distribution Pattern Of Butterflies In Ne India: A Case Study In Barail Hill Range
Presented by Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi

A Case Study On Leopard Human Conflict In Guwahati Metro, Assam, India
Presented by Mridul Bora

Bird Habitat Relationships In Modified Forest Habitats Of Delhi Ridge.
Presented by Munish Kumar Gupta

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) As A Field Tool For Monitoring Waterfowl At Kaliveli Wetland, Tamil Nadu, India
Presented by Mythri S

Ecological Responses To Bark Harvesting And Development Of Elite Harvesting Techniques In Four Overexploited Medicinal Tree Species
Presented by N Manika

An Occupancy Modeling Study To Explore The Factors Influencing The Distribution Of House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) In Delhi.
Presented by Nawin Tiwary

Seasonal Variation In Diet And Activity Budget Of The Northern Yellow Cheeked Crested Gibbon Nomascus Annamensis, North Eastern Cambodia
Presented by Naven Hon

Biogeographic Affinities Of The Magpie Robins And Shamas (Copsychus) Of The Andaman Islands
Presented by Nelum Wickramasinghe

Differences In Activity Budgets Of Migratory And Resident Members Of The Family Anatidae In Lothian, Scotland.
Presented by Nisarg Chaudhari

Austroeupatorium Inulifolium Invasion Favours Tree Seedling Establishment On Highly Degraded Grasslands
Presented by Nishanthi Haluwana

The Development To Spatial Model To Assess The Habitat Suitability For Reintroduced Eastern Sarus Crane Population
Presented by Nuchjaree Purchkoon

Water Quality Changes Odonata Assemblages: Habitat Associations And Seasonal Changes In Odonata Assemblages Across Land Use Types
Presented by Pankaj Koparde

Conservation Programme Of Western Derby Eland: Is There Any Hierarchy In Mixed Herds Of This Critically Endangered Antelope?
Presented by Pavla Jůnková Vymyslická

Conservation Status Of Bats In And Around Mt. Saramati, Nagaland, India
Presented by Pilot Dovih

Importance And Potential Areas Of Urban Landscapes For Biodiversity Conservation In Tropics; Case Study In Sri Lanka
Presented by Piyal Karunarathne

Testing The Efficacy Of Low Cost Crop Protection Measures Against Domestic Elephants In Sakrebyle Camp, Karnataka
Presented by Prasanna Ns

Using A Participatory Approach To Empower Communities To Manage Coastal Forests In Southwestern Madagascar
Presented by Rakotomahazo Cicelin

Tree Growth Estimates Based On Diameter Change In Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest Must Account For Shrinkage Related Bias.
Presented by Rutuja Chitra Tarak

Home Gardens, Islands Of Habitats For Acavus In Sri Lanka
Presented by Saumya Bandara

Effect Of Changing Habitat On Indian Gazelle
Presented by Sunanda Sharma

Habitat Study In Kuruka Rangajan Beel, Golaghat, Assam, India: Study In Context Of Wetland Conservation
Presented by Sajidur Rahman

Environmental Income And Poverty : Livelihoods In A Central Indian Adivasi Community Affected By Conservation Induced Displacemen
Presented by Sakshi Aggarwal

Wildlife Consumption By Indigenous Communities In Kerala And Its Implications For Conservation In The Western Ghats
Presented by Sethu Parvathy

Status Assessment Of Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista Gangetica Gangetica) In Kulsi River, Assam, India In Pre Monsoon Season
Presented by Shah Nawaz Jelil

Dna Barcoding In Lesser Known Threatened Ichthyofauna To Augment Conservation Effort
Presented by Shamim Rahman

Wildlife Occupancy Study And Conservation Status Assessment In The Buffer Zone Of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve
Presented by Shashikiran Hegde

Assessment Of Diversity Of Aquatic Birds In View Of Habitat Conservation At Bhadalwadi Lake, Ujjani Reservoir, Maharashtra
Presented by Shraddha Karikar

Use Of Predictioneer’s Game Model In Predicting Indian Policy Outcomes: A Case Study Of National Water Mission And Green India Mission
Presented by Shradha Shreejaya

Characterizing Patchiness And Scale Of Interactions In Semi Arid Vegetation Patterns
Presented by Sumithra Sankaran

Conservation Of Private Forests In The Coridore Of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary And Chandoli National Park Of Maharashtra Western Ghats
Presented by Sunil Kale

Effects Of Agrochemicals On Early Development Of Dawkinsia Srilankensis ; A Point Endemic Critically Endangered Fish
Presented by Sureni Sumathipala

Are Payments For Ecosystems Services (Pes) Alone Effective In Halting Conversion Of Forests Into Agricultural Land?
Presented by Ter Yang Goh

Diversity And Habitat Utilization Of Lizards In Mulshi Tehsil Of Northern Western Ghats
Presented by Vinayak Chavan

Habitat Occupation Of Butterflies In Natural Forest Patches And Grasslands At Lower Hanthana – Sri Lanka
Presented by Viyanga Ileperuma

Forests, Institutions And Rural Change: Case Study Of Two Villages In Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh
Presented by Yagyashree Kumar

Seed Biology Of Symplocos Cochinchinensis, Towards Reforestation Of Degraded Submontane Forests In Sri Lanka
Presented by Yasoja Athugala

Species Composition And Spatial Distribution Of Odonates As A Pollution Level Indicator In A Aquatic Ecosystem
Presented by Madupa Hewapathiranage

As Green As It Gets? Turfgrass Lawn Ecosystems In Bangalore
Presented by Neesha Dutt

Effectiveness Of Low Cost Deterrents To Protect The Crops From Elephants: A Case Study From North Kanara District, Karnataka, India
Presented by Sangram Parida

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