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Business & Biodiversity – working with businesses for conservation in India
Yashada Kulkarni, Akshay Nachane, and Prachiti Mule

Advocacy for Conservation
Neha Sinha

An introduction to conservation genetics
Shomita Mukherjee and Subhankar Chakraborty, and Vishnupriya Kollipakam

Applications of molecular phylogenetics in conservation biology
K. Praveen Karanth

Can conditional approvals and legal compliance help achieve better conservation outcomes?
Kanchi Kohli

Contribution of science in conflict management
Meena Venkataraman, R.Padmawathe, M. Ananda Kumar

Ecological Monitoring of Tropical Insect Diversity: Field and Lab Techniques
Krushnamegh Kunte

Framing Conservation Education in the context of Conservation Practice: a vital component
Anand Pendharkar, Ian Bride

Getting the Measure of Diversity: A Macro-ecological Perspective
Kartik Shanker, Navendu Page, SP Vijaykumar, and Varun Torsekar

Graphics and visualisation in R
Divya Vasudev

How to tell a conservation story
Pavithra Sankaran

Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing using Quantum GIS
Ravi Bhalla and Srinivas Vaidyanathan

Language and Ecology – Communicating Nature Through Local Languages
P. Jeganathan and S. Theodore Baskaran

Making effective presentations
Yateendra Joshi

Observational study of animal behaviour and its importance for animal conservation
Nishant M.S, Shreekanth Deodhar, and Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan

Publication Ethics
T.A. Abinandanan

Seeing the political in the ecological: Applying social science ideas and methods to conservation issues (abbreviated version)
Adam Jadhav and guest input from Nitin Rai

Study design in ecology and conservation
Advait Edgaonkar and Kavita Isvaran

The Science of Scientific Writing
Karthik Ramaswamy

The nitty-gritty of writing and presenting research
Yateendra Joshi

Trust, Instinct, Common sense: Managing people & teams
Gopakumar Menon and Vena Kapoor

What’s behind a scientific article? What can sociological/ethnographic studies tell us about doing science and of writing a scientific paper?
Pankaj&Sekhsaria, John Matthew

Workshop: An introduction to eBird and eBirding
P. Jeganathan, Rohit Chakravarty, Garima Bhatia, and Raman Kumar

An Introduction to Popular Science Writing
Sandhya Sekar

Advanced Conservation genetics
Shomita Mukherjee, Subhankar Chakraborty and Vishnupriya Kolipakam

Animal Handling Techniques
Uma Ramakrishnan, V.V. Robin, Vivek Ramachandran, Varad Giri, Ishan Agarwal, Krishnapriya Tamma, C.K Vishnudas, Nishma Dahal

Bird Ringing for Science & Conservation
Farah Ishtiaq

Conservation story-telling with images
Kalyan Varma

Ecological Monitoring and Conservation of Tropical Insect Biodiversity
Krushnamegh Kunte

Elements of effective study design
Advait Edgaonkar and Kavita Isvaran

Freshwater Fish Conservation: Concepts, Techniques and Strategies
V. V. Binoy, Rajeev Raghavan, Neelesh Dahanukar, Neethi Mahesh, Unmesh Katwate, Siby Philip

Google Earth Engine Hands-on Workshop
Noel Gorelick (Google)

How R you doing? Using the R platform for managing and analyzing ecological datasets
Raman Kumar, Soumya Prasad

Inferences for Animal Populations: Basics of Capture-recapture and Occupancy Modeling
James D. Nichols

Introduction to basic photography
Prasenjeet Yadav

Lanscape Genetics
Uma Ramakrishnan, Srinivas Vaidyanathan and Prachi Thatte

Mobile Field Data Collection using OpenDataKit (ODK)
Ujaval Gandhi (Google)

Principles of Monitoring Ecological Populations and Communities: Why, What and How?
James D. Nichols

Seeing the political in the ecological: Applying social science ideas and methods to conservation issues
Adam Jadhav and guest input from Nitin Rai

Social and Ecological Dimensions of Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation
Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Nachiket Kelkar, Tarun Nair

The Kodagu Game – Interactive models for Conservation Policy Development and Testing
Swen Bos

The challenge of coordinating conservation for Asia’s Critically Endangered Vultures. Lessons and application for other conservation examples
Chris Bowden

Thinking quantitatively
Suhel Quader

What is chemical ecology?
Shannon Olsson and Radhika Venkatesan

Working with the Press
Neha Sinha

‘Data entry’ as an academic process: basics of data management and organization
Aniruddha Marathe, Nachiket Kelkar

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