An Introduction to Popular Science Writing

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Presented by Popular science writing is a discipline that rose to bridge the gap between the “ivory tower” of academia and the general public. As academia gets broken down into more and more specialised disciplines, academic output tends to be full of jargon, written in a language that confuses many. Popular science communication (writing/mass media/internet tools) can be an effective means to convey to the public not just facts, but the excitement of doing science. The awesomeness of it all (be it your study system, or the universe). A student can try their hand at breaking down a scientific paper /event and writing about it for a larger audience. Main aims and goal: Why do we need popular science communication? What is the scenario in India, as compared to other countries? Some basic principles of science writing, conveyed through some fun exercises *Note that I will speak about writing and not other forms of popular science communication. Target audience:Anyone enthusiastic about writing about science for a larger public. Young conservationists attending the SCCS-BNG are in an exalted position – trained (or undergoing training) in research, they have an understanding of academia; being interested in conservation, they have an innate excitement to communicate research. The medium of instruction will be English though, because I am most comfortable with it. Workshop organisers:Sandhya Sekar

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