EARLIER EVENTS :: 2013 :: Workshops

Demystifying Conservation Education

Presented by Nimesh Ved & Pranav Trivedi

 “The obscure takes a while to see, the obvious, longer.” ~ Anonymous


Conservation Education (CE) is the ‘obvious’ part of the larger process of nature conservation. No wonder, there’s much confusion, discussion and dilution about what it is, how to do it - assuming we already know ‘why do it’?!!  Hence, we would begin this workshop with sharing of the practitioners’ quandaries on CE. Next, through brain-storming to understand what you are keen to know, we’d like to visit as many areas/directions, which are entailed under CE…

We’ll then share some approaches that have worked successfully and conclude by once again stating the obvious!


“One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.” ~ Persian proverb


Looking forward to interacting with many like-hearted people



Nimesh Ved

Pranav Trivedi