EARLIER EVENTS :: 2013 :: Workshops

Veterinary Medicine and Conservation Practice - A perspective

Presented by Dr Guha Dharmarajan, Dr Gowri Mallapur, Dr Sreejith Radhakrishnan, Dr Arun Zachariah & Dr Sridhar Ramaswamy

Conservation practitioners work hard to protect wild animals and wild places. Without trained veterinarians in the team their job is much more difficult. The workshops aims to provide perspectives in different aspects of veterinary work that range from hands-on work with endangered species, disease ecology, post mortem examinations and sampling and  providing rapid response to conservation emergencies.

We believe it is important for veterinarians to work with and educate people who live and work in the animals’ natural range. This workshop introduces and provides people with extra skills, and contributes to thinking of sustainable, long-term solutions for preserving endangered species.

We hope to look towards an eco-health alliance and to improve the relationship between wild animals and the people with whom they share their world.




Dr Guha Dharmarajan

Ramanujan Fellow

Department of Biological Sciences

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research – Kolkatta


Dr Gowri Mallapur

Onsite Veterinarian and Assistant Director

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/ Centre for Herpetology


Dr Sreejith Radhakrishnan 


Dr Arun Zachariah

Assistant Forest Veterinarian

Kerala Forest Department


Dr Sridhar Ramaswamy

Professor and HOD 

Department of Pathology

Madras Veterinary College