EARLIER EVENTS :: 2014 :: Workshops

Conservation policies and advocacy

Presented by Neha Sinha, S. Subramanya

Workshop Overview:

Conservation science and high personal motivation inform a lot of conservation intent. However, practical conservation is faced with a range of wide-ranging challenges: such as losing sites to dizzying numbers of threats, large damaging projects, and species extirpation which require interventions in policy and advocacy. This workshop aims at familiarising students with the Indian environmental policy landscape and increasing their capacity for building cases for conservation using a range of legal, policy and advocacy strategies. There will be hands-on exercises for students towards building strategies for saving sites. At the end of the workshop, the aim is for students to develop building blocks for practical conservation; and also negotiate complexities in Courts, policy jargon and real life.

This workshop will cover:


Neha Sinha

S. Subramanya

Ritwick Dutta 

Capacity: 40 Students