EARLIER EVENTS :: 2014 :: Workshops

Conservation Genetics - Basic

Presented by Shomita Mukherjee and Subhankar Chakraborty

Workshop Overview:

No frill, largely jargon free and fun exercise – this workshop is intended to be hands on, interactive session on certain fundamental ideas and practices in conservation genetics.


In the background of an expanding human dominated landscape, conservation scientists are increasingly confronted with consequences of rapid habitat loss and fragmentation. In this context, a nuanced understanding of several ecological, demographic and social conditions has become vital in the last few decades. With an increasing use of molecular and genetic tools in the field of conservation science, researchers are engaged in answering several of the population level and individual strategic outcomes pertaining to loss of connectivity, population level structures, bottlenecks and extinction possibilities. Many of these questions can be understood through a population genetic approach using certain molecular-genetics techniques.


This workshop has been designed to give a snapshot of important theoretical concepts and how we can extend these in field studies to contribute to the efforts of conserving populations across different species. The workshop will help participants grasp certain population genetic processes through a specially designed game; will take up few case studies across different habitats and species, focusing on contribution of genetic studies in the respective conservation efforts; and draw few possible case studies from the study systems of the participants for an hypothetical discussion of how they can extend/incorporate genetic studies in their respective systems to contribute towards conservation efforts.



Shomita Mukherjee 

Subhankar Chakraborty

Capacity: 20 Students