EARLIER EVENTS :: 2014 :: Workshops

Publication Ethics

Presented by T.A. Abinandanan and Viswesha Guttal

Workshop Overview:

This Workshop will focus on ethics in scientific research with a special focus on issues related to the dissemination of the fruits of research through publications. Specific questions to be discussed will include:

(a) What do we, as researchers, owe to the community of fellow-scientists, as well as to the public?

(b) What are the rules regarding the sharing primary data? How about programs used for data analysis and / or simulations?

(c) Who gets included in the list of authors? What about "guest authorship"?

(d) What do we do after a discovery of an error in our own paper? In someone else's paper?

(e) Who gets the blame for lapses in a paper? 

(f) How do we handle cases of scientific misconduct? 

Information to Participants:

It will be in the format of an opening question / case study followed by an open discussion among the participants. 


T.A. Abinandanan

Viswesha Guttal

Capacity: 30 Students