Workshops will not be part of the 2020 SCCS-Bangalore online conference. We plan to be back with a physical conference with workshops in 2021.

IMPORTANT instructions for Participants:

When you come to the conference, we request you to stick to the workshops for which you register online, and not skip them / try to switch at the last minute. Spots per workshop are very limited. If you switch/skip, you may be depriving a fellow participant from taking advantage of “your” spot and hence we discourage this practice.

Participants registering using SPOT-REGISTRATION at the venue will be able to attend workshops ONLY if there are vacant seats available in a given workshop.

Participants can register only for a maximum of ONE workshop per day. All workshops have a capacity limit and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once you have chosen your workshops (online) and confirmed your submission, we will not be able to change your choices.

After confirming your submission, you will be able to view on your dashboard the workshops that you have chosen. PLEASE make a note of the workshops, and the respective days, for your own reference. When you come to the conference, please remind yourselves which workshops you have chosen

Short workshops (14:00 – 16:30) will be on Days 1,3 and 4

ALL Long workshops (09:00 – 16:00) will happen on Day 2

NOTE: Certain workshops require the use of laptops. So we encourage participants registering for such workshops to carry their own laptops.