Conservation Genomics: day2

Over the past several decades, conservation science has benefited tremendously for using genetic tools. In recent times, there has also been a technological revolution in the ability to generate large quantities of genome-wide data fast and relatively cheaply. Can conservation science benefit from this technological advance?
This workshop will explore the basics of conservation genomics. In the first two hours, we will try to define what conservation genomics is, and how it is distinct from conservation genetics. Further, we will use examples of projects and questions (brought by participants) to explore whether conservation genomics appears appropriate. In the second session of 2 hours of the workshop, we will split into two groups: those interested in whole-genome studies and those interested in SNPs and RAD-seq (participants will decide on the day of the workshop). In each of these groups, we will explore what data looks like, what analyses entail and so on. We will conclude with a half an hours’ discussion about what maybe the best way forward.
Participants will be requested to come with an idea of what kinds of questions they might be interested in exploring.