Why we need to foreground Nature in our urban lives to ensure Conservation? (POONAM BIR KASTURI): day4

We can see and sense a speeding car, but we need a different kind of attention to see the growing of a flower. We have found through our work over the last 13 years that as urban citizens, we all have access to a lot of information…but, unfortunately, this does not always translate into any action, sensitivity or an experiential understanding of the value of Nature in cities and the need for conservation. 

Inundated as we are with so much information in our busy, ‘connected’ urban lives, we seem to have lost some muscles and intelligence along the way. 

How do we rebuild, strengthen and awaken these senses? 

How do we re-introduce Nature in our everyday lives, such that our relationship is personal and hands-on?

How do we create and redesign urban public spaces that help to foreground Nature for all of us? 

These are some of the questions that the workshop facilitated by Daily Dump will seek to uncover by creating something tangible with the participants. 

The workshop will be interactive by its very design. Through ideation and discussion, the participants will create a prototype and use it to interact and seek feedback from passersby.