Balancing society’s priorities – Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Presented by Lian Pin Koh

Global human population is expected to continue to grow over the next few decades. The ensuing demands for water, food and energy are expected to intensify land-use conflicts, contribute to greenhouse-gas emissions, and exacerbate threats to natural ecosystems and wildlife. Can we develop ways to balance environmental protection with our growing consumptive needs? This challenge is particularly exigent in the developing tropics where population growth has been most rapid, the people are poorest, and biodiversity is richest and yet most threatened globally. Lian will discuss the role of science and technology in addressing these issues. He will also give several data-driven case studies in the logging and oil palm context across the tropics.

About the speaker:

Lian Pin Koh is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Applied Ecology & Conservation group (AEC), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Environment Institute, University of Adelaide; Founding Director of the non-profit, His work focuses on addressing emerging environmental and socioeconomic challenges facing many nations, including land-use conflicts, carbon emissions, and threats to natural ecosystems and wildlife.