Basic GIS and Remote Sensing

Presented by Ravi Bhalla and V Srinivas

Knowing how to handle spatial data is a fundamental pre-requisite to a host of applications and analytical techniques in conservation science. This workshop will try and equip you with powerful yet user friendly open source software – Quantum GIS. Basics of handling vector data will be covered.  During the workshop, we will explore working with existing datasets and also introduce you to fundamentals of generating your own datasets. This will be followed by utilising the power of GIS for spatial data visualisation, queries and presenting results.
Datasets and tutorials for this course will be made available through theWestern Ghats PortalFERAL Moodle course management site.
Participants are encouraged to register onto the WGP to access the materials and interact with the course instructors through this facility. Attending this course will make you eligible for more advanced workshops offered by FERAL through the next couple of years.
The software installation instructions are here:
Please note that there will NOT be time to install the software on the day of the workshop. So Please ensure that your laptops are equipped with the software prior to arrival.
Ravi Bhalla, Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning, Pondicherry
Srinivas Vaidyanathan, Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning, Pondicherry