Bioacoustics in Conservation

Anand Krishnan Gururaja Kv Vineeth Kumar Seshadri Ks Priti Hebbar Viral Joshi Samira Agnihotri Basic • Bioacoustics, recording, conservation • 30 Seats • Long • Starts at 09:00 – 16:30 on DAY 2

The first half of this workshop will be an introduction to the recording and analysis of sound, produced by biological organisms, from insects to marine mammals. We will cover both active and passive acoustic recordings, as well as examples of their applications. Emphasis will be placed also on standard methods to analyze acoustic data, as well as common pitfalls and examples of good practice to use when recording. Finally, discussions will include examples of how this field has contributed to the conservation.

The second half of this workshop will focus on anuran bioacoustics. At present, India has about 400 species of frogs and toads, among which we possess acoustic records of about 60 species (15% of the total anurans in India). However, many of these acoustic records are neither recorded in a standard format nor analyzed with standard methods. This module aims to fill this gap by providing hands on training in standard methods for recording and analyzing anuran calls. The objective here is to illustrate the use of bioacoustics as an important tool in the monitoring and conservation of anurans, as anurans are among the most threatened and fast disappearing group of vertebrates in the world.