Capture, handling & telemetric monitoring of large carnivores

Presented by Kay E. Holekamp
In this workshop I will review methods for capture, handling & telemetric monitoring of large carnivores, focusing on spotted and striped hyenas as model carnivores. As capture methods we will consider live-trapping, including both box-trapping and leg-hold trapping, as well as immobilization. As we discuss handling, I will explain how best to take blood, body measurements, and tissue samples, and I will also review what can be learned from each sample type and measurement. Storage and transport of samples will also be considered. I will discuss deployment of camera traps and potential applications of the data acquired from them. I will explain how best to fit carnivores with radio collars, and then how to find the animals regularly via triangulation after collars have been fitted. I will review the costs and benefits of various types of telemetric monitoring, including both VHF and GPS transmitters. Workshop participants will be encouraged to gains hands-on experience with dart preparation for use during immobilizations, and to contribute to discussion of the various methods considered.
Kay E. Holekamp, Department of Zoology, Michigan State University