Challenges of coordination conservation efforts – case studies: Asian vultures and bald ibis

Presented by Chris Bowden

Workshop Overview:

Drawing on experience from globally threatened birds where a diverse set of players need to work together, and how this has been approached for Northern Bald Ibis (through creation of a working group) and Asian Gyps Vultures (notably the Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction – SAVE and IUCN Vulture Specialist Group), the workshop explores the successes and the shot-comings of these approaches and opens up discussion for potential replication more widely and whether there are other ways that could enhance the success. Although these examples are birds, these approaches are probably equally applicable for other taxa where there are multiple interested parties and the need to engage local, national and international players in order to identify and achieve priority conservation objectives.

Information to Participants:

Please come with your own examples to share.


Chris Bowden


Capacity: 25 Students