Common and Uncommon Spiders of India: An Overivew

Manju Siliwal Basic • Spider, diversity, India, identification, conservation • 40 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 – 16:30 on DAY 3

Spiders are very much part of our daily life but remain unnoticed as most of them are small in size and do not interfere in our routine except for expanding their cob-web to maximum area in house and garden. Result of which, spiders are poorly documented in India and with large geographical region and habitat diversity in India, thousands of spiders are still waiting to be discovered and described. To achieve this goal, we need many young minds to take up spider as research topics and help us in documenting the spider diversity in India. Though in recent years, interest in observing and studying spiders by amateur and researchers have increased. Due to lack of a good pictorial guide for identification of spiders, most of the spider remains unidentified. This workshop aims to expose students to different groups of spiders and teach basic techniques of collection, preservation and identification of spiders. Also, gaps and lacunae in this field will be addressed with prospectus of research career on this group.