Conservation Psychology: Attitude and environmental decision-making

Presented by
V.V. Binoy and Sindhu Radhakrishnan

Workshop Overview:

Insights into the way in which human mind operates while taking an environmental decision is essential for the successful conservation of any organism, since people’s perception and attitude towards a species can decide its fate in a human dominated ecosystem. A deeper understanding of the affective dimensions of behaviours towards different life forms and formation of environmental stewardship can not only enhance the efficacy of strategies for protecting biodiversity and controlling alien invasive species, but also contribute to environmental education and management of rampantly increasing human-wildlife ​conflict. However, despite its wider application in the conservation of biotic and abiotic natural resources, very little research has focused the formation of attitude towards environment or environmental decision-making in Indian context. The proposed workshop will introduce basic concepts of conservation psychology and the potential implication of knowledge from cognitive science in enhancing the efficiency of conservation activities. Speakers will also elaborate popular laboratory and field methodologies employed in this branch of ecology.


V. V. Binoy

Sindhu Radhakrishnan

Capacity: 20 Students