Conservation story-telling with images

Presented by As a conservation biologist, photography can become a great tool in communicating research ideas and conservation issues better and reaching out to a larger audience. Photography aids in communication as images provoke reactions in people that can help initiate a dialogue and cause change to happen. This workshop gives you the basics of the art of photography. The workshop will include sessions on composition, story telling, compiling photo essays and editing. This will start from ground-up and no prior photography knowledge is required. Note that this session will not go into the technical aspects of photography like aperture, exposure, depth-of-field, although they will be touched upon. Note: This is an open session, with no cap on the maximum number of participants. Main aims and goal:This workshop which will fundamentally change the way you see. It has nothing to do with technical sophistication or complicated equipment. This is a class about getting inspired, learning new things, expressing yourself, and getting back to the part of photography that was fun and attracted you in the first place: seeing can capturing. Workshop organisers:Kalyan Varma.