Do we need large carnivores in human use landscapes?

Presented by
Vidya Athreya, Kalyan Varma and Tiasa Adhya

Workshop Overview:

Large carnivores are particularly hard species to conserve in human use landscapes the world over. Most of them have been exterminated from large parts of their historical ranges and it is only in recent years, that wolves, bears and mountain lions are reclaiming their ranges due to lessened extermination activities by humans. Conservation goals aim at increasing the numbers of these species but this implies that these large ranging, large bodied, potentially dangerous animals will use human use landscapes. This brings us to the issue of negative interactions between humans and large carnivores which could result in retaliatory killings of threatened species.

Is it possible for large carnivores and people to share spaces? Which are the species found in human use areas today, across the world and in India? What kind of research do we need to understand the issue of shared spaces between humans and large carnivores? What is the present policy for dealing with these species, across the world and in India? Is the policy based on science?

Information to Participants:

These questions will be debated as part of this workshop. The participants are expected to come after having read the papers that will be provided.


Vidya Athreya

Kalyan Varma

Tiasa Adhya


Capacity: 25 Students