Ecological Monitoring of Tropical Insect Diversity: Field and Lab Techniques

Presented by Insects are not only the most diverse organismal group on earth, they are also among the most sensitive organisms that act as barometers of environmental change and associated ecological dynamics. They can shed light on evolutionary processes, ecological dynamics and global and ecosystem-level conservation issues like few other groups. Yet, we know relatively little about them especially in tropical areas where they are most important for ecosystem functioning as well as human welfare. This workshop will train students in basic and advanced field and lab techniques to study insects in tropical and subtropical habitats, and in diverse fields of academic inquiry. Main aims and goal:This workshop will demonstrate some common methods to study insects, including field census methods, sexing, individual marking and monitoring, and various lab-based methods to study taxonomic and biodiversity issues. Target audience:PhD students, post-docs and young faculty members. Workshop organiser:Krushnamegh Kunte.