Ethics in Human and Animal Research

Presented by Krithi K. Karanth, Abi Tamim Vanak and Kartik Shanker

Although many social and natural science projects are conducted in India, most of them fail to follow proper procedures in ensuring the ethical treatment of their human or animal subjects. Care needs to be exercised in social research to ensure that human subjects are informed about the goals and outcomes of the research and that no rights are violated. Similarly,  animal welfare issues relating to capture, handling, lethal and non-lethal sampling, experimental manipulations etc. need to be explicitly addressed prior to conducting research on animals.  Increasingly, scientific publications that do not adhere to international research standards and fail to obtain approvals from either human andanimal subjects ethics committees are not acceptable for publication. This workshop conducted by Dr. Krithi K. Karanth, Dr. Abi Tamim Vanak and Dr. Kartik Shankar will present guidelines and best practices that researchers should inculcate in projects involving participation by people and handling of animals as well as review the legal implications and requirements in India. Participants will engage in exercises that demonstrate ethical challenges, review case studies and develop an understanding of how to improve research practices.


Krithi K. Karanth
Abi Tamim Vanak
Kartik Shanker