Euphaea – Odonatology Theory and Practice

Pankaj Koparde Prosenjit Dawn Basic • Dragonfly, Damselfly, Odonata, Citizen Science, Conservation Research • 40 Seats • Long • Starts at 09:00 – 16:30 on DAY 2

Odonatology concerns with the study of Order: Odonata, Class: Insecta. Odonates are amongst most fascinating insects to study in terms of their evolutionary biology and ecology. These aquatic insects are hemimetabolous and respond to habitat modifications, hence widely used as ecological indicators. Entomology studies, in general, do not find a strong appeal in mainstream conservation because of ‘megafauna effect’, and hence we propose a workshop on odonates to attract young minds to one of the neglected taxa in conservation. As a team, popular as DragonflyIndia, we have been conducting long workshops from past five years throughout India. The workshop typically includes talks on evolutionary biology, taxonomy, behavioral biology, habitat ecology of odonates and methods in Odonatology. The proposed workshop at SCCS-BNG will cover all the topics mentioned above including a field visit. The workshop will have a strong citizen science element, wherein students will be introduced to some cit sci portals and participate in real-time cit sci data additions. The workshop will include interactive games that aid learning taxonomy, general ecology, and conservation. We recently conducted a series of workshops at YETI-Baroda 2018, which were very successful. The workshop aims at attracting students to study odonates and other insects, and equip them with enough material so that they participate in research and conservation.