Freshwater Fish Conservation: Concepts, Techniques and Strategies

Presented by It is uncontested that the populations and diversity of freshwater fishes as well their habitats are shrinking day by day. Overexploitation by human beings, degradation of water quality due to aquatic pollution, reclamation of natural water bodies for building human settlements, invasion of alien invasive species are a few of the numerous elements extirpating fish populations. Conservation of freshwater biodiversity requires an approach integrating information and techniques from various subjects such as taxonomy, genetics, behaviour, ecology, technology, social science etc. However due to the shortage of crosstalk between experts from different limbs of conservation science, such initiatives are not plenty. The current workshop is an attempt to converge views from various subjects to catalyse the activities aiming conservation of fishes, one of the key decider of the health and dynamics of the natural freshwater resources. Main aims and goal:The proposed workshop aims to introduce and discuss various concepts, techniques and strategies being employed for the conservation of different fish species with a specific reference to the Western Ghats and Eastern Himalaya Hotspots. Students will gain knowledge and skills in taxonomy, conservation assessments, telemetry, genetics, ecology, behaviour and cognition of freshwater fishes. Target audience:Anyone interested in the conservation of freshwater biodiversity and fishes Workshop organisers:V. V. Binoy, Rajeev Raghavan, Neelesh Dahanukar, Neethi Mahesh, Unmesh Katwate, Siby Philip