Getting to Bengaluru

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Most international airlines have direct flights to India from Europe and Singapore/Hong-Kong. From Africa and the US, most international airlines fly to India with a single stop, with a few offering direct flights to India. Economy class round trip airfares from the US to India and back are typically significantly less than US $2000/-. Check with your travel agent for current fares.

Most airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air Lanka, Air France, British Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air India fly directly into Bengaluru. Almost all airlines have daily flights. We recommend that you fly directly into Bengaluru.

Alternatively, most international airlines fly into Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai (Madras) or New Delhi. If you fly into these cities there are several domestic airlines connecting Bangalore to these cities (Air India, Jet Airways, IndiGo, Go Airlines, Spice Jet). Chennai-Bengaluru is a 45 minute flight, Mumbai-Bengaluru is a 90 minute flight, and Delhi to Bengaluru is 2.5 hours. Flying into other cities have the difficulty that International flights from Europe typically arrive into India around midnight, and the first flight to Bengaluru out of Mumbai, New Delhi or Chennai is not until 6am, leaving you with a tiring 5-6 hour wait around the airport.

Chennai is also connected to Bengaluru by the Shatabdi Express train, a comfortable 5 hour journey; but the trains usually run fully booked, hence advance reservations are required. Online reservations for trains can be booked at the IRCTC site.

Check with your travel agent for attractive local air travel offers that are usually available with your international travel ticket.

Arrival at the new Bengaluru International (BIAL) Airport

The airport is equipped with adequate number of immigration counters and baggage carousels for quick baggage retrieval. A large duty free shop is also located near the baggage claim area.

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