Google Earth Engine Hands-on Workshop

Presented by Google Earth Engine is a platform for scientific analysis and visualization of geospatial datasets at petabyte scales. Earth Engine provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based processing environment that enables access to Google-scale computational capabilities, co-located with a massive data catalog that includes more than 5 million Landsat scenes, dozens of MODIS products and a wide variety of surface, environmental, and climatological datasets, all in a ready-to-use form. Main aims and goals:This hands-on workshop will walk participants through the basics of getting up and running with Earth Engine and work through examples of how to easily perform complex, large-scale tasks such as multi-sensor time-series compositing and supervised classification using the Earth Engine API and interactive development environment. Target audience:Researchers and NGOs interested in making use of large-scale remote sensing data sets. Prerequisite skills the student should already have to attend this workshop:Students should have some experience working with remote sensing data (satellite imagery & shapefiles) and basic programming skills Workshop venue:Google Office, 15 km from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Departure from IISc will be at 8:00.  Workshop organisers:Noel Gorelick (Google)