Graphics and visualisation in R

Presented by R is an open-source program increasingly used for statistical analyses. Visualization of data is important for all stages of analyses, including data exploration, examination of relationships and reporting. Even though classified as basic, prerequisite is some basic knowledge of R, including ability to write simple code, look up help files, manage objects in R. Main aims and goal:The main goal of the workshop is to expose students to data visualization techniques in R. The aims are twofold: (1) through the workshop students will get hands-on training on making simple graphs and figures in R, and (2) they will get a demonstration on various complex and intricate data visualisation techniques through R. Students will learn about various packages and functions in R that they can use in exploratory data analyses, research reports, and manuscripts. They will also get R script for all functions used and demonstrated at the end of the workshop. Target audience:Students who are exposed to some level of data collection and analyses, and are thus familiar with the scope/requirements/utility of data visualization. Workshop organisers:Divya Vasudev