How R you doing? Using the R platform for managing and analyzing ecological datasets

Presented by The last 15 years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the use of open source software to address almost every computing requirement. Not only have the open source software opened up avenues for students to access cutting-edge technology, they have also put forth huge volumes of reference material and guiding information on the internet. The workshop ‘How R you doing?’ will demonstrate the advanced statistical and graphical capabilities of the open source R platform. Main aims and goal:This workshop will familiarize participants with some basic features of R and guide them how to open files, manage data and carry out simple statistical analyses with R. Most importantly, the workshop hopes to aid students to get through the steep initial learning curve for R and familiarize them with carrying out routine statistical analyses with R. Once they become comfortable with the R computing environment they would be better prepared to independently explore R further and use it for advanced analyses relevant to their specific requirements. Target audience:This workshop is intended for students who are familiar with basic statistics and want to carry out analysis on ecological data. It will be useful for students who have not yet had a chance to use R to analyse ecological data. The workshop will also benefit those who have tried using it but found it overwhelmingly difficult to get started. Workshop organisers:Raman Kumar, Soumya Prasad