How To Get Your Photo-story Published

Presented by SAEVUS

Creating consciousness is the way forward in conservation.Saevus, the country’s premium wildlife and natural history magazine, spreads awareness through stunning imagery and compelling stories from the heart of the wild. The magazine is hugely popular in both its print and digital versons, downloaded and read all around the world. We are always looking for quality content, content that strikes a chord with readers from six to sixty. However, creating publishable content is not easy. A good photo-story has several desirable features, it is an integration of the images and the story that comes together to convey a strong message. SAEVUS is a magazine that focuses on stories in words and visuals and we will provide an insight into a publisher’s view of what makes a photo-story go from good to publishable. We will discuss why we choose certain photos, what we look for in photos and also dwell into the writing of the stories. Here’s your chance to know and understand how your years of hard work can get the platform it deserves and earn you your place under the sun.