How to train your computer?

Nishadh K A Basic • FOSS, Python programming, Git, Jupyter notebook, Geospatial analysis, Mapping • 20 Seats • Long • Starts at 09:00 – 16:30 on DAY 2

Free and Open source tools of Python programming language for Geospatial Analysis and Visualization

Python programming language is an easy to read and learn computing language. Its open source nature and wide usage gives rise to strong base of libraries and tools to address any complex and data intensive real world problems. Open source python distribution such as Anaconda simplifies creation of working environment. Tools like Jupyter notebook enhance the work flow which is intuitive, easy to share and collectively learn faster on data analysis using Python. This workshop intent to give introduction to these advantages of Python along with operating system virtualization and version controlling system for programming. It takes demonstration and do it yourself tasks on geospatial data, the workshop hopes to generate interest and show learning pathway for student to comfortable with Python programming language.

The workshop is comprised of three components, in which first component introduce the concept of operating system virtualization, version controlling and literal programming with Python environment and work flow setup. Second component discuss about the Python’s applications in Vector data analysis and visualisation, third component on raster data with discussion on using Application Programming interface (APIs) for data sources such as of Google earth engine.