Introducing GIS and remote sensing using QGIS

Presented by
Ravi Bhalla and Srinivas Vaidyanathan

Workshop Overview:

Basic knowledge of GIS and remote sensing are no longer “specialised” areas of expertise, they are essential tools for an ecologist or wildlife scientist. Unfortunately, most courses in ecology and allied subjects don’t provide a grounding in the subject. This workshop is an attempt to introduce the subject through hands on applications.

By attending this course you will learn how to:

1. Import, view, edit and manage spatially explicit data in a number of vector and raster formats.

2. Manage attributes and data stored in tables.

3. Create vector and raster data in appropriate projections.

4. Use plugins to run geoprocessing and data operations on vectors.

5. Use raster algebra to generate an NDVI.

6. Manipulate digital elevation models to extract terrain related information.

7. Get to use the map composer to generate publication quality maps.

Tutorials for various topics covered can be accessed at the FERAL course management site <>

Information to Participants:

Participants must have a working installation of the latest version (Version 2.4 Chugiak) of QGIS on their laptops. We will not be able to address software installation issues and urge the participants to test their software before coming for the workshop.


Ravi Bhalla

Srinivas Vaidyanathan


Capacity: 35 Students