Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing using Quantum GIS

Presented by GIS and remote sensing are essential tools for the field biologist with a wide range of applications in both conservation action and research. This workshop provides an introduction to some of these tools using a feature rich and easy to use open source software – Quantum GIS. We will use a hands on approach where participants will familiarise themselves with basic operations on both vector data and satellite imagery. Main aims and goals:Our goal is to provide a stepping stone for new users to enter the vast world of GIS and remote sensing applications in conservation science. Our objectives are: To introduce some of the central concepts in GIS and remote sensing. To demonstrate some of the most common GIS and RS applications on real world datasets. To give an introduction to some of the leading open source software for GIS and remote sensing with hands on sessions on Quantum GIS. Target audience: Students, practitioners and researchers in conservation science who would like to use spatially explicit quantitative tools in their research and practice. Workshop organisers:Ravi Bhalla and Srinivas Vaidyanathan