Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student/from a conservation agency and do not really have a project/any data yet. Can I attend the conference? How will I benefit from this?
You can (and should) register to attend a conference as an attendee, without presenting any work. By being a part of the conference you will get to meet, interact and listen to conservation researchers, practitioners, pioneers in the field from all across the world. This will help you understand the field you are working in, expose you to latest research and provide you the opportunity to interact with others working in this field. You can discover research tools, study sites, learn new methods or even learn from the experience of others! SCCS also offers several capacity building workshops that are aimed at students starting their career. This will help you plan and execute your project better in the future. Additionally, if you are from a conservation agency, and if your organisation is willing, you can register to represent your organisation in the Who’s Who session. This session is meant for organisations to highlight work being done by the organisation, reach out to potential collaborators and young students and researchers who might be interested in working with them. The Who’s Who session is also an opportunity to highlight conservation issues that are topical and require immediate action.

I have already started my project and collected some data, but I’m not sure if I can present this work.
Most conference presentations are about ongoing research. You are at the right stage to attend the conference and present your work. You will be able to learn from other researchers who have asked similar questions and done similar analyses. You may also have fruitful discussions with others about innovative/new ways to look at your data/study. You can look out for resource people who can serve as potential referees whenever you are ready to publish this data. In case your work is not at a stage where you can synthesize your results into a broader framework applicable more widely, choose to do a poster instead of a talk.

I have completed my project, and my work has been submitted/accepted for publication in a journal. Why should I attend this conference?
This would be an ideal time for you to attend SCCS. You should opt to give a talk as your have already reached the stage of synthesizing your results to broader patterns for a wider audience. This will be a great opportunity for you to publicize your work. Offer to send your publication to those interested. This will enable your study to be cited more widely. Also remember that we have exciting student awards for best talks and posters – things that look good on any CV.

I am researcher (post-PhD) working with critical conservation issues. Clearly I am at an advanced stage in my career and cannot present a student talk/poster at SCCS. But I would still like to be involved in the SCCS community. How can I contribute?
SCCS-Bengaluru is a conference that belongs to the entire conservation community. SCCS welcomes participation from a wide range of people who are involved in conservation in any way. Take a look at the various activities at the conference and write to us if you think you find anything you can contribute to. There are also open calls for conducting workshops and the forms for these will be available soon on our website. You could volunteer to conduct a workshop for SCCS, serve as a referee, or mentor and talk to students. In any case, you should certainly attend the conference as an attendee so you can interact with students. Some of the brightest students come to this conference an you may be able to find students interested to work with you. We also put up ads for student positions on request.


  1. I do not have a credit card. How can I pay my registration fees?
    The registration fees are collected through another portal “DoAttend” and they accept over 60 types of electronic payments (see link for details) including netbanking services of all major banks. They also accept cash cards like ITZ Cash that you can purchase at a store near you to make your payments. Alternatively you can ask someone you know with a credit/debit card to pay for you. If none of these work, write to us and we will try our best to help you.
  2. I am not from India and I have an international debit/credit card that is not being accepted at the DoAttend site. What can I do?
    Any International Standard VISA/Mastercard credit cards will work on DoAttend. In debit cards, there is a chance that your issuing bank (outside India) is rejecting the international transactions. We suggest you use a VISA/Mastercard Credit card. If this doesnt work, do write to us and we will try our best to help you.
  3. I want to cancel my registration, how can I do this and get a refund?
    Refer to our Cancellation Policy.


  1. I am only participating in the conference (not submitting an abstract) but can I get accommodation with my friend who is participating.
    We can only offer free accommodation to participants who are presenting a talk or poster at the conference. There are numerous reasonably priced hotels close to the conference venue and there are numerous transportation modes you can avail of in Bengaluru. A list of hotels which are reasonably priced and relatively close to the venue is available on our Accommodation page. Please do try and book your accommodation well in advance to be sure of getting a room.
  2. Can I stay in the same room as my friend?
    We will not be able to tell you which room you will be allocated until you reach the accommodation we have arranged and hence we cannot make any promises regarding this.
  3. Can someone pick me up from Airport / Railway station?
    There are numerous, safe and easy ways to reach the conference venue from the airport, railway or bus stations. Please look at the Getting to IISc page.
    If you still think that you want to be picked up, we can help organise a cab for you. However, you will have to pay for the cab yourself.
    We will provide phone numbers of the conference administrator and volunteers closer to the date of the conference on the website. You can contact them if you have any queries regarding your travel or accommodation or face any problems on arrival. It is ideal for you to try and make your arrangements in advance and seek assistance by email, rather than wait till a few days before the conference.
  4. I am traveling alone to Bengaluru for the first time and I am concerned about my safety. Can you tell me about the measures taken for safety?
    Bengaluru is a large, highly developed and cosmopolitan city and is generally safe for travel and stay. However it will help if you are aware of cultural differences in dress, behaviour, food and outlook and so try and read up about India and Bengaluru before you travel. The conference is in the Indian Institute of Science campus inside which there is little need to be concerned about security, at anytime of the day. However, even on campus it is advisable to avoid the more secluded areas after it is dark. Participants who are presenting talks and posters will be housed in a hostel some distance from the IISc campus. The conference will provide free shuttles between the hostel and conference venue. If you still have specific questions, concerns please get in touch and we will try and help.
    If any participant faces any kind of harassment or difficulty and would like to file a complaint or seek any assistance to deal with the situation, we urge them to contact us at immediately, and we will treat the matter with utmost urgency, seriousness and discretion. Closer to / during the conference, you can also contact us on the phone numbers listed under the section Privacy, Security and Harassment Policy on the About page.
  5. What kind of facilities will be available at the conference venue and accommodation provided?
    The conference venue is an auditorium with one large and three small lecture halls. Wireless internet access is available at the venue, though this can be patchy at times. Participants who would like a continuous fast internet connection are advised to make their own arrangements. Workshops during the conference will be held both at the main conference auditorium and at other halls and classrooms on the IISc campus.
    Participants who are presenting their work at the conference will be accommodated, free of cost, in a hostel approximately 8 km from the conference venue. A shuttle will be available to transport participants to the conference in the morning and back to the hostel after the conference dinner in the evening. The timings of the shuttles will be displayed at the guest house. The exact room allocation will be provided to you once you reach the hostel. Rooms in the hostel are on a triple-sharing basis. We will organise transport to and from the guest house to the conference venue on all conference days.
    Participants who have any special needs can write to us and we will make arrangements to make your travel and stay as comfortable as possible.
  6. What kind of food will be available at the venue and during the conference?
    The conference fees covers breakfast, lunch and tea on all conference days, and dinner on 21st, 22nd, 23rd September. The food will include a mix of south and north Indian cuisine. Breakfast can also be purchased at various canteens on the IISc campus, which open around 7.30 am. If you have any special dietary needs please do write to us at and we will try our best to meet your requirements.  


  1. I worked on this project with 3-4 other researchers, can we all present this work together? Can all of us get bursaries and accommodation?
    Only one person can present a talk or a poster. You are welcome to list all the names of people who are part of your project (supervisors, colleagues, collaborators) in your abstract as well as when you are presenting your talk or poster.
    Only the person presenting the work will be eligible for a bursary and accommodation. Your colleagues are welcome to register and participate in the conference but they will have to make their own arrangements for their stay in Bengaluru (and will not be eligible for a bursary). A list of hotels which are reasonably priced and relatively close to the venue is available on the Accommodation page.
  2. I want to modify my submitted abstract. How can I do this?
    Once you have clicked on the “Submit” button on the abstract submission form you cannot make any changes to this form. There is also a link provided for you to view a copy of your submitted abstract. Therefore please go through your text and graphical abstract submission carefully and only after you are happy with your final submission hit the “submit” button. Make sure you have a copy of your final files (text and graphical/visual) on your computer in case there is an inadvertent error during your submission process.
  3. What kind of work can I present at SCCS-Bengaluru?
    You can submit and present any type of scientific work pertaining to the broad discipline of conservation science. Presentations of completed and partially completed studies from economic, environmental, behavioural, ecological and social as well as other biological aspects of conservation, will be welcome. Your work can be based in any part of the world although we would give priority to studies conducted in Asia and Africa. All studies should have a clear research focus, question and methodology. We will not accept work that is purely descriptive and/or opinion-based. Keep in mind that your submitted work should also clearly communicate the following i. the time period over which the study was conducted; ii. types of data that were collected and its interpretation and iii. the sample size (N) if any.
    If you are unsure if your research is suitable for presentation at SCCS-Bengaluru and would like to clarify and discuss this, please contact us at
  4. When will I know if my abstract has been accepted as a talk or poster?
    We will announce abstract decisions by May-end  and email all participants individually.
  5. I have a media embargo on my figure/abstract OR I am concerned about what parts of my abstract will be made public.
    All submitted abstract in its entirety (including illustration/ graph) will be made public through the SCCS website. By submitting of data through the abstract submission portal you agree to allow SCCS make all submitted information public through the SCCS website. We will be unable to withhold any information you submit through the abstract submission portal. You will be responsible for adhering to any media embargoes existing on your data or abstract. If you have further questions, do write to us at


  1. How many workshops can I register for?
    You can register only for a maximum of one workshop each day. On the first conference day we have several long workshops in parallel. On the three other conference days, there will be several workshops available each day.
  2. When can I register for workshops? / Why am I not able to register for a workshop?
    Workshop registrations start late August / early September. You can register only for a maximum of one workshop each day after this day. If you are checking this page after August, it is possible that the maximum capacity of workshop has been reached.
  3. How can I ensure that I get to attend the workshop of my choice?
    Workshop registrations are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. All workshops have a capacity limit. The earlier you register, the higher your chances are of getting a confirmed place. Once you register for a workshop, your seat at the workshop is confirmed.
  4. I am travelling/do not have internet, how can I register for workshops?
    We make early announcements of the date and choose working hours to start workshop registrations so everyone has a chance to reach some place with internet connectivity.
  5. I have registered for a workshop but am unable to attend, what should I do?
    All workshop spots are extremely valuable. Please do email us as soon as you know that you are unable to attend. We will then open up the slot to other participants.


  1. Are there any emergency contact numbers for SCCS-Bengaluru?
    Closer to the conference dates, we will send all participants a list of important phone numbers.