Multivariate Statistics

Presented by Varun Varma and Anand M. Osuri

Workshop Overview:

Ecologists often need to analyse large datasets comprising multiple interrelated variables (eg. species-by-site datasets, correlated environmental/climatic variables). A wide array of multivariate statistical tools ​have​ been developed to simultaneously analyse multiple variables in ways that generate useful insights into complex ecological interactions and processes. This workshop will provide an introduction to some of the most commonly used multivariate statistical tools in ecological research (e.g. PCA, ​DCA, ​CCA, cluster analysis, NMDS). The workshop will include lecture sessions, discussion of case studies and a brief introduction to implementing multivariate statistics using the R statistical ​environment.

Information to Participants:

Come with R installed along with ​R studio and ​ the Vegan package​ (instructions will be sent out on the installation before the workshop (if anyone is having trouble with it)​)


Anand M. Osuri

Varun Varma


Capacity: 25 Students