Observational study of animal behaviour and its importance for animal conservation

Presented by This workshop is for students interested in learning about conducting systematic observations of animal behaviour. The workshop will start with a discussion on sources of observational bias and how the biases may be removed by appropriate sampling strategies. In the second session participants will get practical experience in sampling behaviour systematically. Behaviour data collected by participants will be analysed and interpreted in the third session. In the fourth session participants will be introduced to some tools that may be used to collect and score behaviour data efficiently. In the fifth session case studies of successful applications of animal behaviour studies to conservation problems will be presented. In the final session two existing conservation problems in India will be presented and participants will be asked to identify what aspects of animal behaviour are crucial to understand in order to tackle these problems.Main aims and goal: To emphasize on the importance of understanding animal behaviour in conservation Hands-on-experience in behavioural data collection techniques and analysing the same Target audience:Students interested in the field of animal behaviour and are hoping to study them in wild/captive conditions. Workshop organisers:Nishant M.S, Shreekanth Deodhar, and Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan