Poster list

Name Title
Aritra Bhattacharya Temporal turnover in communities of butterflies in an urban site depending upon its social plantation types
Damithri Chathumani Healthy Wetlands and community awareness: soft options for urban flood management
Nisam Mang Assessing the impact of livestock-induced disturbance on regeneration in the temperate forests of west sikkim
Subhasish Arandhara Modelling detectability and predictors of blackbuck density using Multiple Covariate Distance Sampling: A case study from Point Calimere WLS, India.
Prashant Mahajan Examining Ecological and Anthropological Correlates of Indian Grey Wolf Habitat-Use in the Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan
Subhrajit Goswami Does lantana invasion act as a biotic filter, affecting the composition of native species regeneration? -A decadal study in heterogeneous landscape of Western Ghats.
Sourav Gupta Assessing the Changes in Land Use and Landcover by Invasive Species and Its Influence on Native Flora in Southern India
Dinelka Tilakarathne Diversity of terrestrial gastropods along with forest edges, natural and semi-natural forests in the Nuwara Eliya district, Sri Lanka
Archan Paul Same, yet different: The tale of ‘pandavas’- Distribution of the seasonal forms of Chilades pandava and its relation with the life cycle parameters
Unmesh Mitra Investigating diet of Indian grey wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) in a human dominated landscape in Pune
Agnish Das Assessment and Analysis of the Protection status of Biogeographic Zones in India
Dilin Bopearachchi Diversity and conservation of Ballini, Jumping spiders (Family: Salticidae) in Sri Lanka
Utkarsh Prajapati Bear presence in human-dominated landscape: associated factors, people’s attitude and conservation implications
Ashra Kunwar Community based women and climate change vulnerabilities to water resource availability: A case study of Khokana community, Lalitpur.
Gayani Dissanayake Diversity and abundance of litter invertebrates in dry mixed evergreen and lowland evergreen forest ecosystems in sri lanka
Maria Antony A shift from scavenging to predation in Black kites Milvus migran govinda of an urban landscape: An ecological assessment
Nazneen Sultan Diet Composition and Conservation Perception of Owls in Agriculture Landscape of Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu
Darshika Jayarathna Waterbird diversity in selected regions in the jaffna peninsula:potential for promoting avitourism
Sipu Kumar Assessing bird community structure and composition in natural and managed forest of forest research institute, dehradun
Nuwan Karunarathna Morphological malformations in amphibian communities associated with paddy fields in central Sri Lanka
Jintu Vijayan Can personality of the shoal mate influence behavioural flexibility and social behaviour in Deccan Mahseer (Tor khudree ) an endemic game fish?
Prajakta Jadhav A Bird’s Eye Perspective of Landuse Changes: A Case Study of Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani Eco Sensitive Area, India
Fazle Rabbe Species diversity, composition and distribution of herpetofauna in northwestern region of Bangladesh
Gautam Kadam Spatial Distribution and Flowering Resource Utilisation by Spiders on Cullenia Exarillata, An Endemic Tree Species of Southern Western Ghats, India
Doli Borah An insight into the social organization of Female Asiatic Lion
Rohit Kumar Baldodia Habitat assessment for Great Indian Bustard Ardeotis nigriceps in Kanoi area, near Desert National Park, Rajasthan, India
Samakshi Tiwari Role of Urban Green Spaces for Conservation of Bird Diversity in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Anupam Singh Range Extension Discoveries & New Records of Butterflies from Chhattisgarh, Central India.
Sahani Chandrasiri Foraging partitioning between five species of Columbids in Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests of Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
Ganesh Puri Understanding patterns and dynamics of Herders-Snow leopard conflict for piloting non-lethal mitigation measures in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Western
Asit Kumar Behera Landscape level patterns of mammalian assemblages in Bellary district, Karnataka
Nabin Pandey Conserving Asian Woollyneck Ciconia episcopus in Nepal
Smriti Jalihal Knowledge Gaps in Satellite Telemetry Studies on Sea Turtles in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia
Manisha Kumari Striking a balance: identifying features of urban green spaces to optimize bird diversity
Bibidishanaa Basu Wetlands in Peril:Mapping Remnant Marshland In human Dense Lower Gangetic Plains
Kritigaya Gyawali Population status, threats and people’s perception on Chelonians (A case study from Jagadishpur reservoir, Ramsar site of Nepal)
Sailee Sakhalkar Spatiotemporal and species-level variation in nectar robbing in the Afrotropical forests of Mt. Cameroon
Vishwanath Varma Correlates of subterranean personalities’: Morphology, personality and learning ability in a subterranean fish, Monopterus sp
Deepika Sharma An assessment of management of tourism in the Marine Protected Area: A case study on Smith and Ross Islands
Paloma Chandrachud Threats to sea turtles in from fishing activities in Vengurla, Sindudhurg District of Maharashtra
Indrakeela Madola Lagenandra species in Sri Lanka: Morphometric and distribution studies of a genus with conservation priority
Madu Lakmali Isolation, identification and application of microalgae and cyanobacteria for the removal of Lead (II) as a key for reducing heavy metal pollution
Pratiksha Sail Speleobiological studies on a cave dwelling species of horse shoe bat and other fauna from divar island, tiswadi, goa.
Lasanthi Wijayathunga Dragonfly and Damselfly (Odonata) species diversity in different land use patterns of lowland tropical wet zone, Colombo district of Sri Lanka
Oshini Fernando A Study on the Quality of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Effluent Water in CKDu Endemic Areas and the Current Discharge Practices
Ankush Chowdhury Status of a protected area system in the Western Ghats region: An analysis of PA coverage
Danita Daniel Boldly Learning to Adapt: Sex and Boldness Affect Learning and Memory in Wild Zebrafish
Suvarna Khadakkar Scarab beetles (coleoptera: scarabaeoidea: scarabaeidae) around bor wildlife sanctuary, wardha, india with notes on distribution
Abirami C Conservation Corridor: Setting priorities for conservation
Madhumita Rajkumar Agricultural land or Wetland ? A preliminary study to find the suitable breeding habitat for Sarus crane
Tanvir Ahmed Phayre’s Langur Population in Northeast Bangladesh: underestimated and under-pressure
Sabiha Khan Diversity and abundance of freshwater turtles of the Ganga River across the Narora barrage, Uttar Pradesh
Poornima Shubhashini A comparison of diversity of corticolous lichens among three vegetation types in kandy district, sri lanka
Kabindra Shahi Understanding the Impact of Protected Area on Local Residents’: A Case Study from Bardia National Park
Prajanashree Priyambada Using forensic genetics in assisting law enforcement to curb illegal trade in pangolin : screening confiscated scales and development of reference signatures for Indian and Chinese pangolin
Piyumika Madhushani Cyanobacterial & green-micro algal diversity in four geothermal springs in Sri Lanka
Supriyo Dalui Gut microbiota of Red Panda (Ailurusflgens) suggests affinity between two geographically distant habitats in eastern Himalayas.
Shambadeb Basu Exploring the cryptic gene flow and population structure of red panda in Eastern Himalayas using landscape genetics
Tharanga Dasanayake Variations of tetrapod vertebrate species diversity with human disturbance within the Horton Plains National Park
Manuja Promodya Occurrence of non-indigenous species in coastal waters adjacent to Port of Colombo, west coast of Sri Lanka
Rohit Chaudhary Dietary and spatio-temporal partitioning between leopard and Asiatic lion in western part of Gir Protected area, Gujarat
Paul Tehoda Population ecology of western chimpanzee in the bia conservation area, ghana
Satish Kumar Determinants of Diet Selection by Blackbuck at Point Calimere WLS, Southern India: A Regression with Empirical Variable Selection (REVS) Approach
Nandini Mehrotra An Ecological and Management Model of the Gangetic River Dolphin in the Upper Ganga
Preshit Priolkar The carbon storage in mangroves: An unaccounted clean up service
Arjun Ramachandran Waterbirds of Kole Wetlands: Seasonal trends
Rajaditya Das Predator Pit?: A Theoretical Model to evaluate Apparent Competition between major Snow Leopard prey, Ibex and Argali in Tost, Mongolia
Prasath Selvaraj Spatio-temporal variations in waterbird population characteristics of Sewage Treatment Plant and its associated habitats in Mannampandal, Tamil Nadu
Sreesha Gadadharan Fishes of Vayal Nadu:9 Ichthyo diversity and conservation challenges in a poorly known region of the Western Ghats
Agnes Francila Life amidst debris: Utilization of anthropogenic materials for nest construction by birds
Brawin Kumar Hedgehogs in my backyard:The status, distribution and threats of South Indian hedgehog Paraechinus nudiventris based on preliminary study
Jatin mathur Communicating, Educating or Advocating? The Vanishing story of Great “not any more Indian” Bustard in the Socio-Political Landscapes in India
Rajesh Kumar Determinants of the roosting and breeding site-selection, abundance of Lesser Adjutant in Northern Bihar, India
Sumashini Sundararajan Life in Small Forest Patches: Ominous for Many, Endurable for Some
Rubul Tanti People’s Perceptions on Elephant Corridors and Conservation in Eastern Assam
Khadija Abidi Does Living in the Vicinity of Corbett Tiger Reserve Account for Economic Gain or Economic Loss?
Pallavi Poojari Kodagu – A Potential Site for Conservation of Critically Endangered Vulture Species
Aranya Gayatri What Shapes the Vegetation of the Indian Hot Desert?