Day 1 - 19 Sep 2022

12:00 PM - 1:10 PM
Title Presenter Institute/Affiliation
Factors affecting seasonal variation in escape behavior of birds along an urban-rural gradient Tusheema Dutta IISER TVM
From production landscapes to biological systems: A step towards ecology based management of Indian coastal fisheries Mayuresh Gangal Nature Conservation Foundation
Impact of beach tourism on the abundance of crustaceans and molluscs in a Sandy beach Ecosystem Meghana Teerthala Amity Institute of Forestry and Wildlife
What-if Thinking in Conservation Policy Research: A Review of the Use of Synthetic Controls Priyanjana Pramanik National Centre for Biological Sciences
Diversity of Ethnomedicinal Knowledge Associated with the Jaunsari tribal community of Western Himalayan State in Uttarakhand Shobha Bhat Doon University