Research Design for Ecological Studies

Ghazala Shahabuddin Rajkamal Goswami

Basic • Statistics; research design; sampling • 25 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 – 16:30 on DAY 1

The workshop aims to create an understanding of robust research design for undertaking ecological studies in the field. Students face many constraints in designing effective ecological studies and surveys in the field, particularly relating to (a) formulation of robust hypothesis (b) clear statistical framework (c) replication; (d) sufficient sample size, (e) randomness of sampling. Such issues tend to reduce the amenability of the collected data to statistical analysis and production of robust results. This is especially true of observational studies and field experiments. The workshop, through an interactive approach using real data, will help students understand how to effectively design field studies in a variety of field situations and for a variety of research questions.