Research on the interface of environment and society: An introduction to a mixed methods toolbox

Presented by
Asmita Kabra

Workshop Overview:

This will be an interactive lecture of around 2.5 hours, followed by a discussion tailored around the research themes that workshop participants are currently working on. The lecture will introduce students to the common challenges, biases and errors encountered in researching issues on the interface of environment and society, especially in the context of urban researchers working in rural landscapes. It will highlight some common threats to validity of research findings arising from differences in culture and power between the researcher and her respondents. It will then introduce students to a toolbox of mixed methods that can be used independently or in combination to address some of these threats and biases.

Information to Participants:

I expect the participants to be in the early or mid stages of research design, so that they can relate to the discussion through the lens of their own work.


Asmita Kabra


Capacity: 25 Students