Science Journalism: The Long and the Short of It

Presented by Anil Ananthaswamy

This workshop will introduce students to the basics of science journalism. What distinguishes it from scientific writing and science writing? Why do we need science journalism? What are the essential attributes of a science journalist?

The workshop will deal with two most popular forms of science journalism: news and features. We’ll look at what makes a news story, analyse a typical structure, and understand its elements. Students will read some news articles in class, and compare and contrast them.

We’ll then move on to the basics of feature writing. What differentiates features from news? How do you structure a typical magazine feature? What makes for a good story? How do you hold a reader’s interest in an article that can be thousands of words long?

Throughout the workshop, we’ll emphasise the need to be good storytellers and understand its relevance for being effective communicators.


Anil Ananthaswamy