Student Posters

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Estimating Distribution Pattern And Abundance Of Mesopredatrors In A High Tiger Density Area, Corbett National Park (Cnp) During 2010 11
Presented by Anindita Bidisha Chatterjee

Avian Monitoring, Distribution And Density Of Iifm Campus
Presented by Anjali Aggarwal

Identifying The Patterns In Human Wildlife Conflict Cases As Reported From Asia And Africa.
Presented by Ankur Kumar

Conservation Implications Of Seed Rain In Mid Elevation Grasslands Of Silent Valley: A Case Study.
Presented by Anoop V

Can Awareness Raising Minimize Road Kills Of The Endangered Fishing Cat Prionailurus Viverrinus?
Presented by Ashan Thudugala

Exploration Of The Boldness And Aggression In Climbing Perch (Anabastestudineus), A Fresh Water Fish
Presented by Bhagyashree Ingle

Iucn Red List Assessments For Indian Orchids And Amphibians.
Presented by Brawin Kumar

Habitat Occupation Of Butterflies In Regenerating Forest Compare To A Natural Forest At Maragamuwa Naula Sri Lanka.
Presented by Buddhika Weerakoon

Surveying Bird Diversity And Developing Community Conservation Measures With Schoolchildren In Jejuri, Rural India
Presented by Chandrakant Redican

Is Ficus Microcarpa Trees Help To Connect Fragmented Habitats In Dry Zone Secondary Forests?
Presented by D.G.R.M.M. Kaushalya Rathnayake

Philopatry, Dispersal And Migration In Tiger (Panthera Tigris)
Presented by Digpal Gour

Status And Abundance Of Tigers In Manas National Park, Assam
Presented by Dipankar Lahkar

Lepidopteran Inhabitants On Mammalian Dung In The Wasgomuwa National Park, Sri Lanka
Presented by Dishani Hewavithana

Behavioural Variations In Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphins Across A Major, Minor And Intermediate Port Along The Southwest Coast Of India
Presented by Divya Panicker

Sea Turtles In The East Coast Of Sri Lanka: An Emerging Conservation Success Story.
Presented by Gajaba Ellepola

Rapid Distribution Assessment Of Red Panda Ailurus Fulgens In The Hindu Kush Himalaya Region Using Ensemble Model Predictions
Presented by Ganga Ram Regmi

Preliminary Study Of Intragroup Interaction In Male Bonnet Macaques (Macaca Radiata)
Presented by Harish Prakash

Population Status Of The Nilgiri Tahr In Its Southernmost Range In The Western Ghats, India
Presented by Hopeland P

Importance Of Grassland Ecosystem For Conservation Of Dry Zone Avifauna
Presented by I.A.I. Sandunika Ileperumarachchi

Collective Movement And The Evolution Of Cooperation
Presented by Jaideep Joshi

From Local To Global: Identifying Gaps In Conservation Research Using A New Global Collaboration Engine System.
Presented by Jared Margulies

Current Status Of Wildlife In Marat Longri Wls, Karbi Anglong, Assam, India
Presented by Kamal Azad

Study On Habitat Features Of House Sparrows (Passer Domesticus Indicus) In Bangalore
Presented by Karthik Murthy

Male Associations And Interactions In Asian Elephants
Presented by Keerthipriya Palanivel

Common Waters: Factors Influencing Perceptions Towards Small Cetaceans In A Fishery Dominated Habitat In Sindhudurg, Maharashtra.
Presented by Ketki Jog

Assessment Of Diversity Of Birds In The Indigenous Farming Systems Of The Sikkim Himalayas
Presented by Kishor Sharma

The Effect Of A Pulsed Rainfall Regime On Dry Forest Tree Seedlings
Presented by Lalitha Krishnan

Sun, Sand And Fenny, Goa Has Tigers Too! An Assessment Of Large Mammal Presence In Goa
Presented by Mahi Puri

Bridging Conservation And Development; Relocating Of Systomus Martenstyni Is The Only Hope
Presented by Nadeela Hirimuthugoda

Female Social Organisation In An Asian Elephant Population In Southern India
Presented by Nandini Shetty

A Novel Approach To Assessing The Conservation Status Of Woody Plants
Presented by Navendu Page

Tracking Movement Pattern Of Bar Headed Goose In Jammu And Kashmir, India
Presented by Neeraj Mahar

Assessment Of Bamboo Harvesting On The Avifaunal Diversity Of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat
Presented by Nikunj Jambu

A Study Of Resource Selection By Black Kites In National Capital Region (Ncr), India
Presented by Nishant Kumar

The Complexities Of ‘conservation And Livelihoods’ – Lantana Furniture Programme Near Mudumalai
Presented by Nishita Vasanth

Effect Of Introduced Spotted Deer (Axis Axis) On Forest Floor Herpetofauna Of Andaman Islands.
Presented by Nityaprakash Mohanty

Comparison Between The Hatching Success And Hatchling Fitness Between In Situ And Hatchery Conservation Efforts In Sri Lanka
Presented by Nupur Kale

Comparative Ecology Of House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) And Tree Sparrow (Passer Montanus) In Assam University, Silchar Campus
Presented by Pallabi Dey

Pollution Biomarkers In The Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus Spp.) From Two Suburban Populations Of Monterrey, Mexico.
Presented by Pamela Gonzalez Del Pliego Castañeda

Odonates Of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India: Distribution Across Land Use And Ecological Niche Modeling Of Selected Species
Presented by Pankaj Koparde

Functional Corridors For Wildlife Conservation In Human Dominated Landscape Of Western Ghats, India
Presented by Paramesha Mallegowda

An Assessment On Hunting In Nagaland: Impact On Biodiversity
Presented by Pilot Dovih

Multi Taxa Approach For Better Conservation Strategy: A Case Study From Villages Located On The Periphery Of Str, Maharashtra, India.
Presented by Prachi Mhaske

Theoretical Perspective On Genetic Differentiation Across Space In Mammals: Impacts Of Body Size, Trophic Level And Landscape
Presented by Prachi Thatte

Diversity Of Avifauna Across Landscape Elements & Its Implication In Conservation: A Case Study From Amboli, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra
Presented by Priti Bangal

Freshwater Fish Conservation Policy In India Using Western Ghats As A Case Study
Presented by Priyanka Iyer

Pasture Management And The Role Of Traditional Institutions In Long Term Sustenance Of High Altitude Pastures
Presented by Rashmi Singh

Emerging Asylum Of Globally Threatened Lesser Adjutant (Leptoptilos Javanicus ) In Eastern Province Sri Lanka.
Presented by Saumya Bandara

Spatially Structured Mesopredator Suppression And Release In A Species Rich Terrestrial Carnivore Assemblage
Presented by Samir Randera Rees

Effects Of Urbanization On Spatial Distribution,Threats And Conservation Of Freshwater Fishes In Mahaoya,Sri Lanka
Presented by Santhushya Hewapathiranage

Trends Of Bushmeat Consumption And Traditional Hunting On Wild Mammal By Indigenous Community Living Near Protected Area In Nagaland
Presented by Satemmenla Longchar

Do Conservation Attitudes Of Fishermen Influence Their Livelihoods? 
Presented by Shalini Rajakaruna

Den Of Striped Hyena In Gir National Park And Sanctuary, India
Presented by Shamshad Alam

Study Of The Ability Of Children To Identify Indian Fauna And Assessment Of Trigger Mechanisms That Enhance Knowledge Of Indian Biodiversity>
Presented by Shruti Karkhedkar

Estimating The Free Ranging Dog Population Using Natural Marks In Two Distinct Localities Of Bangalore (Work In Progress).
Presented by Siddhant Nowlakha

Distribution And Occupancy Modelling Of The Globally Threatened Cheer Pheasant Catreus Wallichii In Nepal 
Presented by Sonam Tashi Lama 

Role Of Vegetation Characteristics On The Distribution Of Three Hornbill Species In And Around Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh
Presented by Soumya Dasgupta

‘how Much And Of What?’ Biomass Consumption From Prey Occurrences In Scats Of Tropical Felids.
Presented by Stotra Chakrabarti

Habitat Selection Of Western Purple Faced Langurs (Semnopithecus Vetulus Nestor) In Relation To Land Use Patterns
Presented by Surendranie Cabral<

Ecological Study And Food Habit Analysis Of Endemic Bat Species ‘Rhinolophus Beddomei’ In The Western Ghats Of Maharashtra
Presented by Swapnil Girade

Monitoring Butterfly Abundance Along An Urbanization Gradient: A Case Study From Kolkat
Presented by Swarnali Mukherjee

Abundance Of Wild Ungulates Along An Altitude Gradient And Impact Of Livestock And Dogs In Sikkim, India
Presented by Tanushree Srivastava

Habitat Use By Travancore Flying Squirrels In A Mixed Use Landscape In The Western Ghats
Presented by Tarun Suri

Leveraging Citizen Science As A Source Of Ecological Data
Presented by Thomas Vattakaven

Nest Site Characterization Of Oriental Pied Hornbill And Grey Hornbill In Tropical Dry Forests Of The Western Himalayas
Presented by Ushma Shukla

Frogs Vs Leeches
Presented by Vanjulavalli Sridhar

What Drives Fish Diversity In The Rainforests Of Central Western Ghats, India
Presented by Vidyadhar Atkore

Exploring The Effect Of Leaf Litter Removal On Soil Organic Carbon In Community Managed Oak Forests (Van Panchayat) Of The Central Himalaya.
Presented by Vinay Nair

Variability In Home Range Size And Habitat Associations Inwild Nile Tilapia As Potential Responses To Fishing Pressure
Presented by Wasseem Emam

Exploration Of Population Status And Habitat Structure Of Hornbills In Intanki National Park, Nagaland, Northeast India.
Presented by Lansothung Lotha

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