Student Presentations

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List of selected Student Talks & Posters

Note: These sessions are restricted only to registered participants

Student Talk Presentations

Sr. No. Presenter Name Abstract Title Date Talk No
1 Munib Khanyari Understanding Population Baselines: Status of Mountain Ungulate Populations in the Central TienShan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan 27 Sep 2018 T-01
2 Pooja Yashwant Pawar Birds beyond borders: hornbill population, nesting and conservation in contiguous rainforests and adjoining plantation landscape in Anamalai Hills, India 27 Sep 2018 T-02
3 Aamer Sohel Khan Drivers of Psychological Stress and Behaviour Diversity among Captive Red Panda Ailurus fulgens fulgens (Cuvier, 1825) in North-eastern India 27 Sep 2018 T-03
4 Pratibha Baveja The effect of hybridization on Milky Storks conservation in Singapore 27 Sep 2018 T-04
5 Tharanga Kahatapitiyage Effects of plankton abundance on the abundance of greater flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) in the Jaffna peninsula, Sri Lanka 27 Sep 2018 T-05
6 Meenal Pahuja An ounce of hope: dynamics of relationship between people and wild carnivores in Ladakh, Western Himalayas 29 Sep 2018 T-06
7 Sutirtha Lahiri Who let the dogs eat? A study on how the academic community perceive free-ranging dogs 29 Sep 2018 T-07
8 Niharika Sharma Women in Conservation: Highlighting the Low Participation of Women Authors and Subjects in Conservation Research Conducted in India 29 Sep 2018 T-08
9 Sayan Banerjee The ‘Other’ Outcomes of NGO Interventions in Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation: Case of ‘Assam Hathi Project’ in Goalpara, Assam. 29 Sep 2018 T-09
10 Varsha Bhaskaran Oral history of Slender Loris (Loris lydekkerianus lydekkerianus) in the City of Bengaluru 29 Sep 2018 T-10
11 Nishadi Dayarathna Effects of Myroxylon balsamum on regeneration of native species in Udawatta Kele Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka 30 Sep 2018 T-11
12 Shamik Roy Higher microbial respiration in managed grazing ecosystem might influence soil carbon sequestration. 30 Sep 2018 T-12
13 Rio Button Exploring fish and habitat in a proposed offshore MPA & diversity hotspot using an ROV 30 Sep 2018 T-13
14 Shivona Bhojwani Dammed vs. Undammed: A comparison of fish community assembly in two west flowing riverine-estuarine systems in the Western Ghats, India 30 Sep 2018 T-14
15 Tanmay Wagh The role of herbivore reef fish in controlling algal growth on post-disturbed reefs of the Andaman islands, India. 30 Sep 2018 T-15
16 Zoya Tyabji The shark fisheries of the Andaman Islands, India – species richness, biology and its implications for conservation planning 30 Sep 2018 T-16


Student Poster Presentations

Sr. No. Presenter Name Abstract Title Date Poster No.
1 Abdhul Fareed Fathima Fazla Molecular systematics and species boundaries of the South Asian Hump-nosed Pit Vipers, Hypnale spp. for effective conservation (Squamata: Viperidae) 28 Sep 2018 A-01
2 Abhidnya Unhale Relocation distance and time of sea turtle nests to hatcheries in Gujarat and Maharashtra may influence hatching success 28 Sep 2018 A-02
3 Abhijit Dey Niche partitioning between two closely occurring spider species: Peucetia viridans (green lynx) and Oxyopes birmanicus (brown lynx) at Pondicherry region 28 Sep 2018 A-03
4 Abhilasha Sharma Characterizing the oil sardine and mackerel fisheries at Malvan, Maharashtra 28 Sep 2018 A-04
5 Abhishek Gawande Environmental and socioeconomic implications of wind and solar power projects 28 Sep 2018 A-05
6 Ajay Singh Forest assemblages along altitudinal gradient – a case study from western Himalaya 28 Sep 2018 A-06
7 Akshay Anand “Knock-Knock”- The dependence on presence of cavities on Forest Owlet occupancy. 28 Sep 2018 A-07
8 Amee Mehta Nesting of Urban scavengers in Crowd: Factors affecting Nest site selection of Black Kite in urban landscape of Aligarh, UP 28 Sep 2018 A-08
9 Ampuli M Population structure and reproductive performance of symbiotic shrimp Ancylocaris brevicarpalis Schenkel, 1902 (Caridea: Palaemonidae) in the Gulf of Mannar, India 28 Sep 2018 A-09
10 Anupam Sisodia New Records and Updated List of Butterflies (Lepidoptera:Papilionoidea) from Chhattisgarh, India. 28 Sep 2018 A-10
11 Anushri Narayan Visweswaran From “Kere” to Tank: changing perceptions of water as an urban commons 28 Sep 2018 A-11
12 Aparna Krishnan Colour changing flowers and choosy Pollinators: Plant- Pollinator Interactions in Lantana camara 28 Sep 2018 A-12
13 Apsana Kafle When, Where and Whom: Assessing wildlife attacks on people in Chitwan National Park, Nepal 28 Sep 2018 A-13
14 Archan Paul Seasonal variation in Water Quality Index and its contributors for river Hooghly in and around Kolkata, West Bengal 28 Sep 2018 A-14
15 Arnab Chatterjee A comparative assessment of conservation threats for wetland mammals: An evidence based conservation approach 28 Sep 2018 A-15
16 Ayushi Jain Prioritizing conservation areas based on distribution of freshwater turtles in India 28 Sep 2018 A-16
17 Smriti Jalihal Ensuring longevity of the Velas Turtle Festival: Identifying and mitigating relevant threats to adult and hatchling sea turtles 28 Sep 2018 A-17
18 Bidyut Barman Distribution of Indian Wild Ass in highly human dominated vast saline desert of Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India 28 Sep 2018 A-18
19 Biraj Chaudhary Patterns of human casualties and tiger removal due to human-tiger conflict in Chitwan National Park, Nepal 28 Sep 2018 A-19
20 Chandima Prabodani Samarasinghe Seed germination and storage behavior of lowland rainforest species in Sri Lanka towards their conservation and restoration 28 Sep 2018 A-20
21 Chandima Sepalage Gastrointestinal parasites of wild mammals in three National Parks of Sri Lanka based on climatic zones 28 Sep 2018 A-21
22 Chandranshu Tiwari Stranger sings: Documenting Night singers of Western Ghats 28 Sep 2018 A-22
23 Chathuranga Dharmarathne Breeding performance of Sri Lanka White-eye (Zosterops ceylonensis) in the tropical montane cloud forests of Horton Plains, Sri Lanka 28 Sep 2018 A-23
24 Daluwatta Galappaththige Hansani Sathsara Sandukalani Possible vectors of mammalian infections diseases 28 Sep 2018 A-24
25 Deepthi Narasimhaiah Riparian buffers and pollination service – A case study from coffee-agrosystem along river Cauvery, south India 28 Sep 2018 A-25
26 Deshika Lakmali Muthuthanthirige Seed germination of two medicinally important vulnerable Strychnos species (Loganiaceae) from Sri Lanka, towards their conservation 28 Sep 2018 A-26
27 Devika Sanghamithra Temporal activity patterns of small carnivores in the tropical evergreen forests, Southern Western Ghats: Implications for species coexistence 28 Sep 2018 A-27
28 Divyashri Varadharajan Quantification of impact of dams on river continuum in the Bhagirathi basin and design of mitigation strategies 28 Sep 2018 A-28
29 Dulan Jayasekara Survival strategies of three endemic, endangered lizards adapted to montane habitats of Sri Lanka 29 Sep 2018 B-01
30 Falguni Gupta Conservation of sustainable and adaptive practices in response to climate change 29 Sep 2018 B-02
31 Gayathri Venkatramanan Identifying potential drivers of human-leopard conflict across Protected and non-Protected Areas of Tamil Nadu, India 29 Sep 2018 B-03
32 Harman Kour Impact of competition between domestic and wild prey on predation by snow leopards 29 Sep 2018 B-04
33 Hiren Patel Appreciating the reed beds created by Narmada water diversion as Bittern habitats 29 Sep 2018 B-05
34 Indu Periodi Studying the effect of leaf litter of invasive species trees on mosquito egg laying selection in a mesocosms set up 29 Sep 2018 B-06
35 Ishita Ganguly Biological approach to assess river water quality and development of biotic index: A case study in river Mahanadi, Odisha 29 Sep 2018 B-07
36 Jayani Chathurika Abeysinghe Gunawardhana Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Stock of Four Broad-leaved Tree Species in a Pinus Enrichment Trial in Lower Hantana, Sri Lanka 29 Sep 2018 B-08
37 Jayani Gamage Connectivity patterns of highly fragmented patches of lowland rainforests in an expanding South Asian metropolis 29 Sep 2018 B-09
38 Jobin Varughese Effect of vegetation around nest boxes on nest survival of White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus) in Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 29 Sep 2018 B-10
39 Kabir Sharma Modeling Coupled Human-Natural Systems in Banni Grassland, India using Participatory System Dynamics 29 Sep 2018 B-11
40 Karuna Karki Determinants of herder’s attitudes towards snow leopard in Upper Mustang, Nepal 29 Sep 2018 B-12
41 Luhiru Jayawardana Mango infesting fruit flies and their parasitoids in Peradeniya University premises 29 Sep 2018 B-13
42 Madhura Amdekar Does urbanization affect the health of tropical agamid lizards? 29 Sep 2018 B-14
43 Mahasweta Patnaik Distribution, behaviour and nesting habitat of large and small owls in Chaurakund range, Melghat forests, Amravati district, Maharashtra 29 Sep 2018 B-15
44 Manisha Kumari How community’s forest dependency is a key to the survival of their oak forests: A study on the Monpa community 29 Sep 2018 B-16
45 Mary Gaduk Status of mammals at Enjoo and Mathun Valleys in Dibang Valley Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh, India 29 Sep 2018 B-17
46 Medha Nayak From fear to festivity: Capturing varied perceptions on elephant related problems in Balashore, Odisha 29 Sep 2018 B-18
47 Megha Rao Darn Dams: An Occupancy Survey of Riverine Birds in Arunachal Pradesh, India. 29 Sep 2018 B-19
48 Mehreen Khaleel Spatial distribution of Himalayan gray langur in Kashmir Himalaya. 29 Sep 2018 B-20
49 Mehta Nirav Making friends with mad trees: sustainable management of an invasive species in the Banni grasslands 29 Sep 2018 B-21
50 Misha Bansal Monitoring Biodiversity to Evaluate the Success of Ecological Restoration in Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Gurugram, Haryana 29 Sep 2018 B-22
51 Mukesh Kumar Influence of invasive shrub species on understory vegetation and soil characterisation of chir pine forest in Central Himalaya 29 Sep 2018 B-23
52 Narayani S Microhabitat preverences of Acanthurid functional groups in two reefs from south Andaman 29 Sep 2018 B-24
53 * Neha Singh Leopard ( Panthera pardus) status, density and conservation efforts across the conflict hotspot zone in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. 29 Sep 2018 B-25
54 Nelum Wickramasinghe Maxent modeling for predicting the distribution of the white-eyes in Sri Lanka, Zosterops palpebrosus and Z. ceylonensis 29 Sep 2018 B-26
55 Nuwanthika Wathuliyadda Identification of Paludomus species and apple snail species in Sri Lanka using radula ultrastructure 29 Sep 2018 B-27
56 Pavithra Priyabhashini Panduwawala Climatic Variations of Vocalization and Vocal Repertoire of an Endemic Bird: Brown Capped Babbler (Pellorneum fuscocapillus) in Sri Lanka 29 Sep 2018 B-28
57 Phalguni Ranjan Prying open the predation box: Understanding predation by mesopredatory fish in structurally degraded coral reefs 30 Sep 2018 C-01
58 Pranav Mhaisalkar Comparison of Endoparasitic Load of Indian Peafowl across Dietary regimes 30 Sep 2018 C-02
59 Praneeth Silva Assessment of Taruga eques parasitic infections in and around the lentic water bodies within and outside Horton Plains National Park 30 Sep 2018 C-03
60 Prodipta Biswas Urban Heronries of Kolkata Metropolis: An Insight to Site specific Conservation Strategies 30 Sep 2018 C-04
61 Rajat Rastogi Odds in the Woods: a tale of two plant invaders in a tropical forest 30 Sep 2018 C-05
62 Randuwage Isuri Tharushika Kaushalya Fernando Seasonal Distribution of Sri Lanka Bush Warbler (Elaphrornis palliseri) in the Horton Plains National Park 30 Sep 2018 C-06
63 Rohan Menzies Assessing the status of the Critically Endangered White-bellied Heron (Ardea insignis) and other Riverine Species in Namdapha Tiger Reserve 30 Sep 2018 C-07
64 Sakar Jha Enemies of Farmland Birds: Use of pesticides in Important bird area of Nepal for farming practices. 30 Sep 2018 C-08
65 Sana Rehman Effect of habitat quality on distribution of wetland birds in River Yamuna: An occupancy modeling study 30 Sep 2018 C-09
66 Sangeeth Sailas Santhosh Behavioural Studies of Captive Gharials (Gavialis gangeticus) at Chennai Snake Park, India and its implications for conservation and management 30 Sep 2018 C-10
67 Sangma M Tremie Diversity of Tree Species in Nokrek National Park, Meghalaya, North East, India 30 Sep 2018 C-11
68 Sathishkumar Selvaraj Dietary Overlap between the Native versus Introduced Species: A Case Study from Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern India 30 Sep 2018 C-12
69 Satyajeet Gupta Cost of hitchhikers on a mutualism 30 Sep 2018 C-13
70 Saurabh Dewan A tale of river tigers: Study on population, threats and conservation measures of Golden mahseer in upper Ganga river, India 30 Sep 2018 C-14
71 Shankhamala Ghosh Morphological difference between aquatic and terrestrial Alternanthera philoxeroides, an invasive plant and evaluation of their allelopathic potential using seed bioassay 30 Sep 2018 C-15
72 Shipra Singh Variation in species composition and soil properties along different slope aspect in Western Himalaya 30 Sep 2018 C-16
73 Smitha D Gnanaolivu Habitat correlates of Malabar Slender Loris, Loris lydekkerianus malabaricus distribution in the Western Ghats. 30 Sep 2018 C-17
74 B. Kesavan Khan Population Status and Drivers of Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra Distribution in Vallanadu Blackbuck Sanctuary, Southern India 30 Sep 2018 C-18
75 Soham Sahu Comparing insect diversity and abundance in a heterogeneous landscape 30 Sep 2018 C-19
76 Souparno Roy An Assessment of the Effect of Light Pollution on Roosting of Butterflies: Do Butterflies Get Disturbed by Artificial Light? 30 Sep 2018 C-20
77 Sunny Deori Sand mining at the cost of long lived Ganges dolphins: A case study of Kulsi River, Assam 30 Sep 2018 C-21
78 Syamili M S Role of agroecosystems for the conservation of an endemic frog (Pseudophilautus wynaadensis, Jerdon, 1853) of Western Ghats 30 Sep 2018 C-22
79 Trisha Gupta Trawling for Trash: Composition of and trends in trash fishing in Malvan, Maharashtra 30 Sep 2018 C-23
80 Vignesh Venkateshwaran Resource availability and species dependencies influence metacommunity membership and persistence: a test using fig wasps and simulations 30 Sep 2018 C-24
81 Viradiya Ankita Cnidarian Diversity and their Ecological Characteristic at Marine National Park and Sanctuary Southern Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, India 30 Sep 2018 C-25
82 Wajra Jeewantha Bandara Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage Preliminary analysis of the interaction between blue swimming crab fishing grounds and marine habitats in Gulf of Mannar, Sri Lanka 30 Sep 2018 C-26
83 Wijayathunge Arachchige Lasanthi Kanthika Negative edge effect on the avian diversity in Kaludiya Pokuna forest reserve, Sri Lanka due to habitat alteration for tourism 30 Sep 2018 C-27
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