Students Talks

Day I - 9th November - 1500 to 1600 hrs
Presenter Name Presentation Title
Bitupan Deka Abs ID: 61 - Forest or Monoculture: A study of deforestation in Goalpara district of Assam
Divyashree Rana Abs ID: 24 - Investigating genetic landscapes of the fishing cat Prionailurus viverrinus in India
Ansha Sehgal Abs ID: 60 - Impacts of free-ranging dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) on wetland-dependent avifauna
Arjun Kamdar Abs ID: 13 - Human-elephant conflict mitigation as a public good: what determines fence maintenance?
Day II - 10th November - 1100 to 1200 hrs
Presenter Name Presentation Title
Imran Samad Abs ID: 45 - Life under control? Understanding the distribution dynamics of the Ganges river dolphin in a flow regulated river-canal system
Kanishka Mehta Abs ID: 34 - Urbanization worst is yet to come: bird species richness responses to built-up areas and non-native vegetation in Udaipur city
Aditya Pradhan Abs ID: 28 - Socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services in the socio-ecological landscape of Darjeeling-Sikkim Eastern Himalaya
Abriti Moktan Abs ID: 25 - Devithans: the sacred sites embodying biocultural conservation

Student Posters

Day I - 9th November - 1600 to 1700 hrs
Presenter Name Presentation Title
Arunima Kashyap Abs ID: 52 - Wildlife Protection Act - A conservation strategy or a livelihood impediment
Sankarshan Rastogi Abs ID: 11 - Floodplain Grasslands & Ungulates: Spatial Heterogeneity in the Occurrence of Swamp Deer Hog Deer and Chital in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
Krishna Girish Abs ID: 16 - Preliminary evidences for upslope shifts in East Himalayan birds using citizen science data
Ayushi Chauhan Abs ID: 32 - Negotiating Social Connections with Ecological Spaces in Cities: Yamuna River and Urbanising New Delhi
Shipra Singh Abs ID: 37 - Understanding the effect of topography on tree communities and soil microbial diversity in Western Himalayan forests: a functional trait approach
Day II - 10th November - 1200 to 1300 hrs
Presenter Name Presentation Title
Praneetha M Abs ID: 10 - The inter-relationship between Urban Wildlife and Domesticated species “How one affects the other survival"
Ryan G. Rodrigues Abs ID: 31 - Unlock 1.0: Linking populations and landscapes for dhole connectivity conservation in India
Archita Sharma Abs ID: 38 - Wildlife Corridors in India: Current Knowledge and Research Gaps
Priyanka Hariharan Abs ID: 48 - The effect of rainforest restoration on recovery of bird communities in the Western Ghats
Vivek Sarkar Abs ID: 80 - Chasing the sounds in the abode of clouds: a study on the cicada diversity of Meghalaya India