Techniques To Aid Nocturnal Mammals Studies

Presented by Patricia C. Wright, R. Nandini and Divya Mudappa
Tropical field biology, particularly the study of nocturnal mammals, has always offered challenges, but hopefully this new age of technology will offer solutions that will lead to a greater understanding of how ecosystems and the animals within them interact. In this workshop we will discuss how, in conjunction with standard methods, new technologies such as genetics, radio telemetry, camera trapping and the potential of conservation drones can be used in the future to obtain answers to questions not possible to research in previous decades. The special challenges of following nocturnal animals will be discussed. Patricia Wright will first review advances in working in the rainforests of Madagascar, followed by six other experts who will discuss (and demonstrate) field techniques used in Asia. There will then be a participatory discussion of the field technologies that can be used for specific studies. The workshop participants will later be taken on a night walk to spotlight lorises and other nocturnal life in urban Bangalore, as an illustration of how such methods can be used in the field.


Patricia C. Wright
R. Nandini
Divya Mudappa