Telling Tales

We welcome storytellers who want share their personal stories and experiences that show that conservation is not all doom and gloom. SCCS felt there was a need to bring to the forefront the positive stories: field experiences, moments that had an impact, the joy of the hard-won victories both big and small, fun field experiences, sudden moments of insight, breakthroughs, unexpected encounters, instances of courage and kindness, and the majesty of landscapes and seascapes.

If you think you have a story or experience you would like to share at the conference, please send it to us. Any one of the following formats is acceptable:

Text format : A short summary (maximum 500 words / one side of an A4 sheet)


Text format : A poem (can be a snippet, no longer than one side of an A4 sheet)


Audio/video format : A clip summarising your story, or a song that you have written, and being sung by you (can be a snippet, no longer than 2 minutes, preferably uploaded and/or accessible via Dropbox / YouTube / SoundCloud


Photo format : A photostory, consisting of 5 photos, with each photo having a caption of no more than 25 words

Selection process and presentation:

We will select up to six stories. Each selected storyteller will be trained by Mr. Vikram Sridhar, a professional storyteller. Following training, the trained storyteller will then perform at the conference, within a 5 minute slot.

Steps to submit your story:

In order to submit your entry, please send us your story in any ONE of the above formats. Please collate your submission in a way that can be easily accessed (PDFs for text / photo format, and weblink for appropriate audio/video format).

Please collate your submission files / links, and send them to us (via email : with subject line “Telling Tales Submission”.

The deadline for sending your application : 31 Aug 2019 (1700h IST)

Decisions on whether your application has been selected will be communicated to you in the first week of September.

Looking forward to your story submissions!