The publication process: an interactive discussion

E.J. Milner Gulland Harini Nagendra

Basic • Publication, peer review, journals, authorship, editorial • 50 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 – 16:30 on

Led by:
E.J. Milner-Gulland (Senior Editor, Conservation Letters and Oryx)
Harini Nagendra (Senior Editor, Conservation Letters and Remote Sensing for Ecology and Conservation)

The aim of this workshop is to give participants a feel for how the publication process works, from the perspectives of potential authors, reviewers and editors. We will start by outlining the process from submission to publication, and highlighting the decisions you need to make at each stage. We will talk about different journal niches and how to chose where to publish your work, also about how to become a member of an editorial board and why this might be something you would want to do. We will open the floor up to questions and for others to share their experiences and perspectives. After a comfort break, we will break into groups to discuss particular issues in more detail, before reporting back in plenary. Based on the interests of the attendees, these groups could include: a) the future of scientific publication including open access, b) how to collaborate on writing a group paper, c) publication ethics, d) how to write a compelling paper. E.J. and Harini between them have many years of experience of publication, as editors, reviewers and authors, and are interested to share their perspectives and to discuss new ideas and opinions from young conservation scientists.